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German company looks for research partners in the field of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

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A SME located in Northern Germany provides Automatic Identification System (AIS) data services that enable the real-time tracking of ships around the globe through terrestrial base stations in combination with satellites. The company seeks for collaboration with organizations willing to cooperate under research or technical cooperation agreement and who are based near the water in Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Albania.



The company was founded in 1996 and successfully performs in the fields of web design, database technology and the design of mobile software. Its headquarters are located at the Baltic Sea but has paying customers in more than 100 countries.
Real-time AIS ship tracking and a huge historical AIS databank enable the monitoring of approximately 4,500 ports with information about more than half a million vessels.
If partners decided to collaborate, they would be privileged using the stand alone characteristics of this technology. The company combines the reliability of AIS tracking with the reach of satellite-based tracking in a comprehensive fleet monitoring solution with powerful reporting tools and flexible IT integration options.

As pioneers in the field of real-time AIS tracking of ships, the company has thousands of AIS base stations around the world. Information provided by these terrestrial stations is complimented by data received from AIS satellites’ partners. More than 450,000,000 AIS messages are received and stored daily. In order to complete its terrestrial network the company is looking for organizations (institutions and companies) which are located in Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Albania and are willing to get free AIS data for research activities.

The collaboration partner receives the necessary equipment (AIS receiver hardware and antenna) free of charge and the collected data for its own research purposes. The antenna can be easily installed by the partner with the help of an instruction manual. After one year of use, the antenna or the hardware will be replaced, again at no cost to the partner. The aim is a long term partnership with mutual benefit for all parties.

The gathered data are afterwards available for research purposes. AIS data are being applied in several fields and still open research fields. The company offers includes real-time and historical vessel positions, besides that an access to its own vessel database located in the EU.
The product portfolio includes:
- Vessel performance monitoring,
- Determination of the condition of sea terminals,
- Traffic area monitoring,
- Alarm functions and comprehensive traffic flow analyses.

The company seeks for partners who are interested in joint evaluation activities by testing different hardware in the context of AIS signal distribution in the frame of joint research projects. Therefore, a Partnership under research or technical cooperation agreement is desired.

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The advantages of joint research activities can be summarized as follows: - Live real-time monitoring and nautical supervision - Cost-efficient: Lowest satellite airtime cost, flat-rate pricing - Full-featured reporting and management tools on secure website - Flexible web map components - fleet position display on the internet The company’s network of AIS base stations is already comprehensive, with thousands of stations around the world; however, some marine areas are still not well covered. This offer is aimed at organizations that are interested in operating AIS stations with different hardware. The cooperation would bring long-term effects for future research projects. The partners’ advantages are: - Data access to their gained Global Terrestrial AIS network via web accounts. A web map displays the signals gained through their antenna (e.g., http://www.philaport.com/about/live-vessel-map/) - Ability to analyze the impact of weather conditions on the station provided data - Besides this, the wide range of agreed AIS data which the partner will receive depending on the installation can later be investigated in the context of student projects. Regarding the technical cooperation: The aim is to find an optimal hardware combination in long-term scientific investigations. - Different antennas - Effect of directional antennas - Different AIS receiver hardware - Deviating cable lengths - Effect of temperature and weather conditions

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The company looks for research institutions and researching companies with maritime or electro- technical departments, for authorities, maritime facilities which are located on the coast and by rivers, mainly in Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Albania.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Albania, France, Greece, Italy, Spain


Installation of antenna for receiving AIS data


Antenna devices and hardware