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German company manufacturing innovative ceramic facade tiles is looking for partners to distribute their products

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A German company is specialised in producing intelligent ceramic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The ceramic facade tiles are produced from high-quality clay raw materials, from the Westerwald, Germany, ensuring an exceptional product quality altogether. For their tiles they are now looking for international distribution partners to enter into a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.



A leading German company active in the building materials industry has enlargened its portfolio by the acquisition of a well-established company in the Westerwald Region, located in the middle of Germany. This company is specialised in producing intelligent ceramic facade tiles for all kinds of buildings such as residential, commercial or industrial ones. This region is internationally known for high-quality clay raw materials and ensures the exceptional product quality, which comes close to that of fine ceramics and porcelain.

The company offers facade tiles in a big variety of formats, numerous colours and with many varied surface textures with classical or modern structural building designs.

The mechanical, hidden fixing systems allow extraordinary design concepts such as curved elements or mixtures of different height formats.

Aesthetics, fire resistance, durability, flexible and fast installation are some of the positive aspects, these facade ceramic tiles offer.

The company now wants to enlargen its distribution network worldwide with the exeption of some European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Hungary and Spain.Training and marketing measurements will follow as soon as they have agreed upon a regular collaboration.

The partners should preferably be active in the construction field such as architects, facade planers and builders as well as main contractors and public bodies. The considered partnerships should end in a distribution services or commercial agency agreement.

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The tiles have the following innovations and advantages: • high-performance surface with a constantly nice look and maintenance-free in the long-term • graffiti protection; permanently effective throughout the entire period of use • high strength; resistant to pressure, impact and scratching • precisely tailored; dimensionally stable and flat across a plane to provide an even joint pattern • wide variety of shapes and colours; design freedom with 50 standard colours and seven standard surface finishes • low dead weight; single layer facade tile of only 28-35 kg/m² with high strength • safety of the system;high degree of security: non-flammable and material categorised in class A1 • rapid and simple installation; flexible installation without clips or visible fasteners • rear-ventilated facade system by separation of thermal insulation and weather protection materials.

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The target clientele for these innovative ceramic solutions is: Planer for facades, facade builders, design-oriented architects, main contractors, public bodies per each country, companies in the energetic refurbishment Role of partner: All the mentioned partners shall distribute these innovative ceramic facade tiles in their specific region and among their specific clientele. This means when it comes to new building contracts the partners shall integrate the described tiles in public procurement processes and individual sales. They are looking for partners worldwide with the exeption of some European countries (e.g. Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Hungary and Spain), where distribution partners already exist.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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