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A German company is offering manufacturing agreement for technological solution for overmoulding of glass with plastic

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A German SME based in Saxony has developed a technological solution that can be used to overmould an optically coated glass with a socket. Now they are looking for partners throughout Europe as part of a manufacturing agreement.



The German developer is a medium-sized company, which belongs to an affiliated group of companies.

In their business unit "plastic injection moulding", there are 1K- and 2K- machines with which they produce many inserts.
They deliver to many European countries right now.
They offer a new technology that solves many known problems: A patent has been granted for the technology. The sought partner comes from the field of automotive engineering (1st tier to system suppliers), chemical industry, optics or mechanical engineering.

The glass may have a thickness tolerance up to ± 0.2 mm. The technology is developed for the plastic injection moulding process and tested in series.
With this technology, assembly or gluing processes can be saved. The encapsulation is pressure-tight.

The company offers the overmoulding of industrial glass products with plastic under manufacturing agreement. The company prefers long term partnership with brands and other businesses which are interested in their services.

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The advantage of this technology is the form lock joining between glass and plastic. On one hand the end user avoids mechanical assembly and on the other hand he gets a pressure- sealed connection. This technology was successful tested with 20,000 round UV photo filter in different diameters and parts with free-form surfaces for the automotive sector.

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The company is looking for partners who make complex glass assemblies and are interested in this solution. The realized dimensions of the glass are currently at 10 x 10 to max 250 x 250 mm and a thickness of 1 to 10 mm. Together with the partner, they develop the layout of the finished part and bring in their expertise.