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German company offers industrial marking technology to distributors and subcontractors

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A German company manufactures inscription machines for the industrial marking of metals, plastics and other materials. The product range includes electrolytic marking machines, dot peen marking machines and marking lasers. The company also offers customised machine solutions as well as the professional marking of client’s products on a subcontracting basis. It is looking for distribution services agreements, commercial agency agreements and subcontracting agreements.



For more than 50 years, the German company has specialised in the industrial marking of metals, plastics and other materials. The company manufactures three different kinds of machines for industrial marking as well as various suitable accessories.
The product range includes:
- Marking laser machines: for flexible and fast markings on metals and plastics.
The machines offer metals, plastics and other materials to be marked in a contact-free, permanent and flexible way. Four different standard safety cabinets are available: mega-light, mega-light plus, ultra-light and ultra-light plus.
- Dot peen marking machines: for permanent and deep engravings on metals and plastics.
The programmable marking systems operate with pneumatic or electrically driven oscillating hard metal needles. These stamp materials with many tiny, close packed dots. Inscriptions, symbols, graphics, serial numbers and matrix codes are “printed in” by the impacting action of the needle.
- Electrolytic marking machines: the easy and fast way to mark electro conductive materials.
The technology represents an economic and professional solution for high-contrast marking of all electro conductive materials (i. e. metals, aluminium...). The marking process allows abrasion-resistant, permanent and high-contrast markings. Electrolytic marking technology is used in all industries and is suitable for marking highly sensitive parts (e.g. surgical instruments, implants and products for the food, aviation and automotive industries).

Besides, thanks to the wide variety of possibilities, the company offers the customisation of inscription machines.

The company also offers the professional marking of customer’s products on a subcontracting basis. They mark batches, medium series and large series flexibly in accordance with the customer’s specifications. They offer inscriptions with marking lasers, dot peen machines and electrolytic technology.

The German company is offering distribution services agreements and commercial agency agreements to trade intermediaries as well as manufacturing agreements in different countries of the world. They expect from the cooperation to open up new markets and increase the awareness level of the products outside Germany.

Advantages & innovations

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- While the company offers three kinds of marking machines in different price categories, most companies only offer one or two different marking products. As the company offers more products than the concurrence does, they are able to advise their customers better than other companies. In most cases they are able to find the right solution for the marking requirements. Moreover they offer individual solutions (also software solutions). They know about many competitors (also bigger ones) who are quite inflexible regarding individual solutions and machines. The possibility to offer individual and customized solutions for a fair price is one of their biggest advantages. - The company does not only build machines. They offer solutions to customers‘ problems through individual and practical marking solutions. They also offer high flexibility in the construction of the machines. - Furthermore, they offer individual and customized software solutions for the marking machines, which make the machines ready for Industry 4.0 already today. For example it is possible to connect the marking machines to other existing machines and data bases. Moreover, automatised solutions (e.g. connections to robots) are available. Besides all that, the machines also fulfil all current safety requirements. This is for example an advantage compared to some machines from other countries. - The machines can be tested at the company’s premises. The customer can send their individual parts for free test markings. - It is possible to get a demo unit so that the customer can convince himself of the good quality of the machines. - The company offers the cooperation partners free trainings and demo units. The communication can be held in German, English, Spanish and Turkish.

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- The German company is offering distribution services agreements and commercial agency agreements to trade intermediaries in different countries of the world. It is also offering subcontracting agreements for the customisation of marking machines as well as the marking of individual parts. - The sought partners are expected to have experience in the sale of machines and have a broad network in the industrial sector. They should be able to offer technical consultation to potential customers. - The partners should promote the products and the services through advertising, sales etc. in order to acquire customers in the respective targeted countries. - The company expects longterm partnership.


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Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, France, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey