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German company offers liquid glass (fabric) coating technology

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A German company offers a hybrid fluorinated nano silica fusion (HFNSF) technology solution with self-healing characteristics for the textile industry for commercial agreements with technical assistance. The offered range of fabric coating technology is based on “liquid glass”. This technology is completely new and offers excellent performance characteristics including an outstanding machine washing stability. The coatings are available for DIY and industrial application.



The textile industry has been searching for a coating which offers the same water repellency and stain protection performance as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) technology, yet without the obvious negative attributes (C8 technology is bio-accumulative). It became apparent that a technology based on SiO² (liquid glass) could offer the solution, and this has indeed proven to be the case. In essence, the technolody provided by a German company allows the end user to deposit a nano scale layer of molecular, particle free glass onto the surface of most items. The molecules of glass come from pure quartz sand, of which there are vast reserves, as silicone dioxide is one of the most abundant compounds on the planet.

The offered coating technology, which also utilises an environmentally optimised, slightly cationic, C6-carbonfluoropolymer, is PFOA-free, very hydrophobic and oleophobic, self healing and most importantly machine washable. The techology surpasses the performance of C8 as it provides an oleophobicity rating of 8 (ISO 14419). One of the main challenges is the bonding characteristics of coatings, which needed to be enhanced for better durability. This obstacle was overcome by creating a hybrid matrix, which, when heat cured, provides a coating which supersedes the performance characteristics of standard C8 fabric coating technology.

The company is looking for partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance. The goal is to integrate the technology in the partners' production and apply the coating during the manufacturing process. The German company will test as well as adapt the technology to the partners needs. There are two versions, an industrial application and one DIY variant that can be applied by spraying, sponging or dipping and is ideal for post-production.

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The innovation of the technology lies in the fact that it is PFOS and PFOA free while still offering outstanding oleophobicity oil repellency (ISO 14419 / 8-6 (depending upon fabric type)) and water repellency (AATCC 22 / 100, ISO 4920 / 5). Starting in 2020, the use of PFOA is forbidden in the European Union. In addition, the bonded structure massively reduces degradation of the coating. Compared to other solutions, the offered technology is sealf-healing and has an outstanding UV (> 3.500 hours) and washing stability (25 to 100 cycles).

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The company is looking for partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance and will test as well as adapt the technology to the partners needs. Potential partners are companies who produce textiles and will integrate the technology in their production process or in post-production, for example: • Footwear • Military • Hospitals • Working Safety • Sports Wear • Adventure clothing • Fashion clothing • Upholstery • Carpets

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