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German company offers service agreements for a project management monitoring and planning tool

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A German company developed a project management integration tool that brings isolated planning streams together to one synchronised platform, thus creating a common management base. Partners are sought for service agreements.



A German IT company offers a solution for complex project management and monitoring challenges.

In order to plan, manage and monitor mutiple projects, international ad-hoc teams need a common collaboration platform that meets the following requirements: It should be highly flexible, it should be available right from the project start for each team member, it should need only project relevant data without access to internal company databases and it should also be affordable for free lance team members only for the project duration.

The German company's project management monitoring and planning tool meets the above requirements as it focuses on core project management activities. The tool makes it possible to create an entire, personalised and mobile project management environment via an app.
The tool helps the users to plan projects in accordance with internationally recognized standards and then enables them to monitor this project plan without any effort in one platform
Key elements are the tracking of deliverables, people utilisation, cost and budgets, event logging and diagnostic tools. All data entered can be synchronised between many different participants, which makes it easy to work with locally dispersed teams on multiple projects. The ability to group projects in an unlimited amount of portfolios allows users to receive instantaneous information on projects within a sector, country, organisation, department, client group or any other allocation users might be interested in.

The tool brings all project processes to a central and synchronized SaaS (Software as a service) platform. The planning results however are then inserted and maintained in the tool and shared.
In a nutshell the tool offered by the German company is a comprehensive suite of tools supporting the management when planning and monitoring any kind and size of project and it
• presents and visualises results in a clear structure;
• puts focus on key performance indicators in a condensed way for supporting decision makers on executive level;
• provides a clear and transparent communication platform;
• can be used either individually or for synchronised teams;
• can group projects in different portfolios, depending on focus needs.

A partner is sought for longterm service agreements in order to find users. The partner could, e.g., be a company that offers project management services and thus has contacts to organisations in need of such a software. The solution would be integrated in their offer.

Advantages & innovations

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One of the key advantages of the tool is that all data entered can be synchronised between many different participants, which makes it easy to work with locally dispersed teams on multiple projects. An important advantage for senior management or those with multiple ongoing projects is that projects can be grouped into portfolios, allowing a quick overview of activities by grouping such as region, country, client, focus, business unit, etc. The app aids the project planning process across specific project dimensions and graphically presents vital information based on key performance indicators, providing visual project intelligence, which allows decision makers to assess the status quo of the projects and portfolios at a glance. The major advantage of the app is the project related flexibility for users and perfect for ad hoc teams that come together for time bound projects. The app is applicable either by individuals or groups of individuals in the SaaS version or company related as enterprise version.

Partner sought

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A partner is sought for longterm service agreements in order to find users by integrating the tool in their offer. Partners could be companies and/or individuals that are mainly active in project implementation and project monitoring, whose clients will make use of the tool. The tool will be used to create unique products, services or other deliverables with a limited time scale, resources and budget and with efforts that normally require the mobilisation of resources from a number of different functions or disciplines.

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