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German company is seeking partners in environmental sensing for mobile robotics.

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A German SME specialised in mobile robotics (e.g. for public transport) is looking for partners to carry out the testing of robots, software and sensor fusion to precisely image reality. Proof of concept studies as well as the development to market maturity of theoretical robotics concepts and concept designs for the automation of manual processes in highly secure environments for data transfer are major tasks. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought.



The German company counts with an ambitious team of highly qualified software developers and an experience of over 10 years in mobile robotics. They seek partners to jointly develop and optimize technologies for the testing and market launch of autonomous robots and software.
The environment of a robot is simulated by virtually recreating objects which have to be correctly recognised by the robot by employing high-tech sensor technologies. High-level information fusion creates a precise image of the reality by combining pre-processed information from the sensors (real objects, not only data points). The collected data is subsequently transferred from the robot to a central data storage (e.g. cloud) where data is further processed and analysed. Subsequently reports are created, analysed and interpreted.
The sought partner should be able to test theoretical robotics concepts and concept designs to jointly development driving and flying robots to market maturity.
Further tasks to be tackled involve the optimisation of concept designs for the automation of manual processes with robots and the development of security concepts on how to connect robots to Internet of Things (IoT) interfaces.
Partnerships in the frame of research and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

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Potential partners should be familiar with the following technologies: - software frameworks, e.g.Robot Operating System (ROS) - use of sensors: radar, mono cameras, Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar), odometry with inertial measurement units (IMU), Global Positioning System (GPS) - implementation on embedded platforms: Linux/Yocto, Intel, ARM-based processors

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The project will be carried out in close dialog between the partners with an intense transfer of knowledge. Long-term collaborations are envisaged as the technologies to be developed will be applicable in numerous applications (driving flying and diving robots) in an emerging market. Partnerships can be set up in the frame of research and technical cooperation agreements. The partner should be willing to take over one or more of the following tasks: - development and/or production of prototypes - proof of concept studies - testing/development of robots, software and sensor fusion - testing under real-life conditions or in pilot plants - viability studies - development to market maturity