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German developer and manufacturer of natural and innovative skin care cosmetics is looking for a distribution partner

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A German developer and manufacturer of natural cosmetics has innovative face skin care products for women and men and is looking for commercial agents or partners of online Sales / E-Commerce in Northern European countries.



The young German company specialises in the development and production of ecologically pure luxury skin care products. The effective skin preparations improve the skin and are manufactured in proven quality "Made in Germany".

The product range includes:
> Multi-complex-serum + cream for women
(30 ml, anti-aging strong, 70% active ingredient, serum and cream in one product, a rare combination in the care market, suitable for face and neck, day and night)

> Face Tuning Serum for Men
(30 ml, anti-aging strong, 70% active ingredient, face and neck, suitable for day and night.)

> Facial tuning lotion for men
(50 ml, anti-aging light, 40% active ingredient, face and neck, body and hands, suitable day and night).

The company is able to produce on demand. Its products are already meeting with great interest on several continents. Sales platforms are usually online portals such as flaconi.de, organic shops, wellness shops, Amazon, beautyjunkee and others.

In order to grow, the company wants to find sales partners in the countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, regardless of whether they are online shops or not.

Advantages & innovations

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The company uses the triad technique for three levels of skin layers: 1. carotenoids from algae and exotic oils - upper and middle skin layers > anti-aging effect, unique cell membrane protection, restoration of moisture and elasticity, natural UV protection by carotenoids 2. biomolecular extracts - upper skin layer > increase of skin synthesis, antiradical and antioxidant effect, revitalization and remineralization. 3. stem cells from coastal plants - lower and middle skin layer > control of genes, cells and matrix, collagen structure for strength and radiance Fragrances: A precious fragrance essence of flowers, woods, grasses and algae has an aroma-therapeutic effect. Quality: These are products of exceptional quality. The products are unique. Vegan: No corals or other marine organisms are used in the manufacture of the products!

Partner sought

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The company is looking for experienced sales partners to expand into the Northern European countries mentioned above: - Luxury trade (Distributor and / or trading partner) - perfumeries (Distributor and / or trading partner) - healthcare sector (Distributor and / or trading partner) - wholesale (Distributor and / or trading partner) - sales partners (Distributor and / or trading partner) - organic trade (Distributor and / or trading partner)


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Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom