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German electrical engineering business is looking for commercial and distribution partners across EU

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Electronic engineering
Magnetic and superconductor materials/devices
Smart grids
Lighting, illumination
Customised semiconductors
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The German company from southern Germany offers high-tech electrical engineering solutions. In its several divisions it produces customized electronic components such as transformers, power supplies, chokes, filters, safety technology and energy saving devices. Customers range from private households and commercial businesses to industrial factories. This medium-sized company is looking for partnerships across Europe to reach a commercial agency agreement and a distribution services agreement.



Established in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1993, this specialized company employs 130 people, operates five independent business units and owns two production plants. Its hero products are transformers of all types and sizes - from 1 VA to 1 MVA and from 0,050 kg to 3,200 kg - which the company produces at one of its divisions. With a comprehensive range of products and services in the field of electrical engineering, the company further offers customized power supplies, chokes, filters and safety technology such as burglar alarm systems. The need for energy saving as well as smart technology has led the company to develop and patent new products that have become sought after in the electric mobility and smart home sector.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation as main supplier for the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering sector and the skilled crafts sector.

It is seeking distribution partners across the EU to expand its electrical products and services to clients across Europe. The partnership could be based on a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement. As the products are highly technical and need certain expertise, the company looks for commercial agents to represent its high-end products in the above mentioned sector of electrical engineering. The commcercial agent should support in winning potential new customers and negotiate contracts. The agent is free to act in his own name but should not represent competitive products from other companies. In addition, the company is seeking a distributor for its generic products and electrical components which do not require a strong after-sales service. Once established and successful, this distribution services agreement could become exclusive if it benefits both parties.

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The company has successfully developed and implemented an energy saving system which can reduce energy costs to up to 35%. The system is designed to lower and limit the operating voltage of fluorescent lamps, thereby significantly reducing the operating costs. Businesses which consume large amounts of energy through light sources (e.g. production facilities, warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, etc.) can benefit from this innovation as it reduces their energy costs while extending the lifetime of their light sources. In Germany, it has been implemented in over 100 e-mobility charging stations and in numerous smart homes.

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Looking for direct business customers and suppliers of electrical engineering solutions.

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Already on the market

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The partnerships that the German company is seeking have been explained in the description. Any commercial agent interested in representing the German company should have sufficient experience with electrical engineering products and services. The commcercial agency agreement has the aim to win business clients for the German company across Europe and mainly to sell its more sophisticated range of products. The distribution services agreement is relevant for sales representatives who offer a more generic range of electrical engineering solutions in their respective country or across a range of EU countries.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250