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German enterprise offers distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements for its high quality and made in Germany nutritional, dietary and immune system supplements for different target groups

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A well-established German (Bavarian) company looks for reputable company importers and distributors and/or independent sales representatives to introduce its nutritional, dietary and immune system supplements to the increasingly health-conscious population worldwide. The products are produced in Germany and sold under two registered brands.



The company has developed a portfolio of more than 50 products intended to supplement the diet and help to prevent or treat common health problems. The products have their own unique formulation, containing one or more of the following dietary ingredients: Vitamin (e.g. Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D3); mineral (e.g. iron, zinc etc.); herb or other botanical ingredients (e.g. artichoke, black garlic, wasabi, gingko, ginseng etc.).The ingredients can also be concentrates, constituents, extracts or a combination of the above-mentioned ingredients.
The company produces the products in Germany. It markets and sells the products under two premium brands. One brand focuses on the needs of the aging population and serves this group of customers in Germany, Europe and the U.S. via mail, catalogue, telephone or online order mode. The other brand helps the younger generation to stay healthy via online consulting and shopping to fit the latter's fast-pacing and mobile lifestyle. Mainly the enterprise is looking for sales agents or distributors.
In principle, the company is open and flexible to different cooperation modes as long as it can meet the local market needs effectively.
Potential partners may get the sole right to import and distribute the quality products made in Germany. The company offers a set of marketing support (product trainings, marketing materials, social media promotion etc.) to potential partners to build up brand awareness and scale up sales.

Advantages & innovations

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The potential partners can gain the following advantages through the cooperation: - selling products from a well-established German company with well known brands - exclusive distribution rights for a certain country or region - support from the company's advanced nutritional supplements expertise, researches and technologies -development of customized products to address the specific health needs of the partner's geographic regional and individual market needs - access the company's abundant marketing and branding resources prepared for the interconnected global marketplaces.

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The potential partners should have necessary qualifications and required certifications to sell the offered products in their markets.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

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It is preferred that the potential partners have already trading and marketing experience in the healthcare field. The partners should have deep insights about nutritional supplement products and good knowledge of local population's health needs. They should also well understand and leverage the advantages of specific local sales channels. Resources in logistics and a warehouse will be a strong plus. The partners should follow local and international trading laws and regulations. Highly-motivated independent sales agents (freelance sales representative, distributor or importer) are welcome. Distribution channels of potential partners can be brick-and-mortar stores, online shops, direct sales via mail order, catalogue or TV program.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250