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German gearboxes for industrial applications offered for distribution services agreements, manufacturing agreements and subcontracting

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Other industrial equipment and machinery
Manufacture of other taps and valves
Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements


A German company manufactures gearboxes from 1 kg up to 12.000 kg for industrial applications (spiral-bevel gearboxes, spur gearboxes, planetary gearboxes etc.). Their customers are end-users from industries like structural steel engineering, rolling mill construction, wind turbine production, bottling plant industry, press manufacturing, antenna engineering, compressor engineering and many other sectors. They offer distribution services agreements, manufacturing agreements and subcontracting.



The German medium-sized company was founded in 1873. Family-run, they started then as a manufacturer of textile machines and, in particular, of mechanical looms. Nowadays, they are specialising in gearboxes and spare parts used by end-users from many different industries.

The product range includes industrial spur gears, planetary gear units and bevel helical gear units weighing from 5kg up to 12,000kg and having a maximum dimension of about 1,100mm. One finds them both in Germany and worldwide in such sectors as:
- steel and rolling mill technology
- mining (surface and underground)
- wind power
- antenna technology
- marine (upper and lower deck)
- beverages and food
- compressor technology
- forming
- wood and paper processing
- and all other industries (except from automotive industries)

Beyond their extensive product range, they offer to develop on request customized solutions that are exactly tailored to the needs of the contractors. All gearboxes can be produced at a total mass ranging from 1kg to 12,500kg.
Using state-of-the-art production technology and employing experienced engineers in all operating divisions, they are able to provide their customers with products of the highest standard and quality whilst keeping the prices at a fair level and short delivery time.

The German company is offering distribution services agreements, manufacturing agreements and subcontracting to partners worldwide. They expect from the cooperation to open up new markets and increase the awareness level of the products in the world.

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- Unique selling point: there are only a few companies which produce small gears (1 kg/gear) to large gears (12,500 kg/gear) in one house. Except from worm gearboxes, the German company has broad experience in manufacturing any type of gearbox, prototype, individual products and small-batches. - More than 90% of the products are created and made in Germany. - Since 1991 and the re-privatisation of the company after the end of the GDR, the company has invested dozens of EUR millions in production processes and maintenance. - Long established family business; experience over 146 years in many different applications; long-term customers. - Delivery of the products in all industries (except automotive industry).

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The company seeks long-term partnerships with distributors who have comprehensive knowledge of their local markets under a distribution services agreement. The company is seeking strategic distribution partners of any size, worldwide. The preferred partners would have significant experience of gearboxes distribution within commercial / industrial markets. The partner may also benefit from an exclusivity agreement within specific geographical areas/market segments. The distribution partners should have good knowledge of the different markets in their country. They are expected to have a broad network of potential customers. Manufacturing agreements and subcontracting are offered to partners requesting gearboxes worldwide. The partners should come from any industrial field except automotive. They are expected to place manufacturing or subcontracting orders of the gearboxes, customised or not, for their own company or for other companies. Long-term partnerships with distributors and orderers is expected.