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German hot-runner system manufacturer for plastic injection moulding is seeking trade intermediaries as sales and service partners in the EU, Russia and Asia

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Homogeneous injections/extrusions
Processes for working with plastics
Other industrial machinery for textile, paper & other industries
Manufacture of plastic and rubber machinery


German company specialised in the production of hot-runner systems for plastic injection moulding is looking for trade intermediaries. Their products are used for the production of plastic parts for the automotive, medical, packaging and consumer electronics industry. Potential partners should be able to sell the products and provide related services under a distribution services or commercial agency agreement. Target markets include several EU countries, Russia and Japan.



The German medium-sized company located in the federal state of Hessen has been manufacturing hot-runner systems for plastic injection moulding for more than 30 years.
The products are used for the production of all kinds of plastic parts.
Appliances include medical and laboratory, consumer electronics, automotive, as well as packaging and cosmetics.
The technological competences/ advantages are:
- waste less production of plastic parts
- side gating
- valve gate
- narrow nozzle distance
- inside injection
In order to reach their strategic goals concerning international expansion, the management is currently looking for trade intermediaries within the EU, Russia and Asia.
The company is looking for partners with strong technical backgrounds who are able to promote and sell technical products with high need of explanation. Ideally, potential partners have an established network of contacts within the target industries.
Preferably potential partners acting as sales and service partners will buy the product from the German company and sell them to the regional customers under a distribution services agreement.
It is also possible to establish a cooperation under a commercial agency agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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- waste less production of plastic parts - narrow nozzle distance - direct injection from the side of the plastic part - inside gating with small nozzle diameter - valve gate with synchronized movement

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Already on the market

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Trade intermediary acting as sales and service partner under a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. The partners should dispose of a strong technical background and be willing to promote the product on the market. As there is a need to give technical onsite support to the customer, potential partners should also be capable for delivering this service in their region.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Austria, Czechia, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom