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A German inventor developed a multiple chamber container (multi-energy zone container) for liquids or granulates - looking for licensees

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A German inventor has developed a multi-chamber container for the transport and storage of liquids or granulates. This solution enables the transport of different goods without mixing at once. The thermal separation is achieved by insulating air gap between the chambers. The inventor offers this solution to food, beverages, pharmaceutical and medical container manufacturing companies as licensees together with engineering support to adapt the solution to the customer specific requirements.



A German inventor has developed a multi-chamber container / multi-energy zone container for industrial and domestic applications.

Conventional single-chamber containers have some disadvantages depending on the area of application, e.g. with regard to freshness protection, ecology or process and consumption efficiency.

The lack of partitioning in single-chamber systems promotes unhygienic consumption of beverages (e.g. the usage of a 1,5 litre three chamber container for sparkling mineral water offers three separated fully carbonated and unimpaired 0,5 litre fresh portions). In addition, when handling liquids or granulates, there is a need for solutions that combine packaging units of the same or different types in containers.

With this innovative multi-chamber container, liquids or granulates can be combined in a compact, easily producible and manageable container. The central connecting element offers the possibility to combine one, two or more partial containers in a compact unit and a uniform design (the multi-chamber container) depending on the individual need.

Due to the air gap between the subcontainers in the construction, the subcontainers are thermically insulated from each other, and the surface of the container is thus enlarged. This allows faster cooling or heating of the goods in container from outside. The construction of the partial containers can be identical and, due to their simple geometry, they can be easily produced from a variety of materials and easy to fill. They can be locked individually or in their entirety using a common cap. With regard to container geometry, connecting element and closure, numerous variants are available for individual customer requirements.

The inventor offers this solution to food, beverages, pharmaceutical and medical container manufacturing companies as licensees together with engineering support to adapt the solution to the customer specific requirements.

Advantages & innovations

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• The container is simple and material-saving and can be produced using common production processes • Liquids granulates or e.g. pasta are combined in compact space saving units that are easy to handle • The container enables smaller, hygienic packaging units with optimum materials saving and supports sustainable and ecological act, helps consumers to save the ecology and thus to reduce the volume of waste • The individual need of customers for smaller packaging units can help them to consume efficiently and at the same time to protect the environment by avoiding food scraps. • The thermal insulation allows the storage of materials with different temperature ranges and thus open the way for more other product (e.g. thermal container) derivations. In addition the design allows faster cooling or heating of the container from the outside, • Reduced the number of discarded PET container in the nature by 2/3 when using a three-chamber-container or by ¾ when using a four-chamber container, • Different medical products that must be medicinal applied together can be easily combined and packaged, • This innovative container supports faster process execution (e. g. chemical treatment or medicament preparation in the hospital) and increase efficiency of energy used in the production therefore saves also in this way the ecology. • The multi-chamber container helps industrial businesses to increase profitability of their company by reducing wasted search time e.g. in the production areas. • The multi-chamber container allows hygienic consumption, better drink behavior, freshness conservation of packaged foods and beverages and therefore increase healthiness of customers and thus prevents food from unnecessary disposal.

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Available for demonstration

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Industrial partners (e.g. container manufacturer for various applications) are sought as licensees. Explicit: Container producers and Suppliers of beverage industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, petrochemicals industry, process industry and so on.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250