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A German manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment and catering logistics solutions is looking for distribution partners in the Baltic States

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Furnishing and Furniture
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The German family-owned company is specialized in the production of commercial catering products for large kitchens. It acts as an international leading supplier of products and tailor-made food logistics solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, universities, restaurants, hotels and other large facilities where food is served. Partners in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are sought for long-term distribution services or commercial agency agreements.



The running of commercial kitchens successfully means tackling the challenge of complex management operations. All the different components have to be integrated into a cohesive system in order to function smoothly, efficiently and effectively. The single logistics functions, such as storage, transportation, preparation, organisation, distribution, keeping warm, keeping cold, regeneration and serving, form the basis of a complete process chain and have to comply with highest hygiene and safety standards.
A German company with nearly 150 years of experience in the production of metal products and some decades experience in the supply of commercial kitchen logistics offers a wide product portfolio for hospitals, nursing homes and other large facilities where food is served. The products comprise storage and food transport solutions, dispensers, mobile food serving systems, servery counters, refrigeration equipment, tray transport trolleys, induction technology, conveyor systems, furnishings, accessories and spare parts.

The products offered are mainly made of stainless steel and always integrated into custom-made cohesive solutions according to the customer's specific needs and combined with the necessary technological components, e.g. for the transport, refrigeration or keeping warm of food. The company offers advice and assistance in the planning of commercial catering facilities as well as the necessary system components.

The company's quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 certification.

The German company has distribution or trade intermediaries in more than 60 countries, however it is still looking for a reliable distribution partner in the Baltic States. The partner sought should be a specialist dealer with the necessary technical expertise and established distribution channels to possible end-customers such as hospitals, nursing homes, large gastronomical companies, hotels, prisons, universities or other large facilities in the public or private sector where food is served. The partner will sell to customers directly with technical support of the German company. If individual customer enquiries deviate from the catalogue goods, the German company will check the enquiry for technical feasibility and economic efficiency.

Distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements are sought.

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- The tailor-made solutions allow for the optimization and simplification of complex work processes according to individual needs - Time, cost, energy and space savings through cohesive, efficient, well-adjusted, easy-to-clean and easy-to-use catering systems - State-of-the art products, highest quality standards and respective certifications ensure the compliance with legal hygiene and working safety requirements - A regular dialogue with planners, specialist dealers and users along the entire process chain ensures the constant adjustment of the products offered to changing market needs

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The German manufacturer is looking for a long-term partnership. Distribution partners or commercial agency partners are sought in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The partner will sell on its own to the customers. Future distribution partners will benefit from the long experience of the German company. Ideally the future partner is a specialist dealer with the necessary technical expertise and has experience with similar equipment and selling it to customers in the public or private sector (gastronomical companies, hospitals, nursing homes or similar facilities). Existing contacts in the market segment envisaged are desired. In this cooperation sustainable growth for both partners is very important. Ideally, the partner should also have established contacts to assembly teams which ensure the smooth installation of products. However, standard products are easy-to-install. Necessary knowhow for planning of custom made solutions and installation will be supplied by the German company. If individual customer enquiries deviate from the catalogue goods, the German company will check the enquiry for technical feasibility and economic efficiency.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250


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Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania