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German manufacturer of high-precision stabilization mounts for space, air, sea and terrestrial sensors and applications is looking for agents, distributors and companies using sensor technology

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A German innovative company has been developing and producing gyro stabilization mounts for data acquisition and monitoring. These stabilization platforms compensate vehicle movements and vibrations in the air, offshore and in rough areas. This significantly improves the quality and efficiency of data acquisition processes for airports, harbors, aerial photography, geodata, drones and other sensor applications. The SME is looking for agents, distributors and companies using sensor technology.



An innovative, medium-sized and worldwide operating company based in an industrial cluster of wellknown optical industries in central Germany has been developing, manufacturing and selling Gyro Stabilization Mounts for data aquisition, monitoring, remote sensing and surveillance since 2004. The enterprise is the market-leading independent supplier for stabilization platforms – made for high accuracy demands in turbulent, harsh and demanding environments. The special technology improves the quality and efficiency of data aquisition processes based on highest precision. The stabilization itself saves time, reduces costs and enables an efficient workflow.

They are perfect add-ons for a broad variety of sensors in growing markets like mobile mapping, imaging and scanning, autonomous driving, shipping and flying, high resolution monitoring and surveillance, offshore mining, farming and wind, wave and sunbased energies.

These stabilization platforms compensate vehicle movements and vibration in the air, at sea or at land. In order to be used at sea the stabilizers have been designed to be dust-, salt- and splash-water resistant. The mounts for marine applications stabilize sensors compensating roll and pitch motions of ships or buoys caused by waves.
Possible marine applications are harbor safety, coastal surveillance, offshore wind measurement, gas rigs security, offshore survey and anti-collision systems on Unmanned Surface Vessels.
Possible land applications are border protection, agriculture, mining vehicles, antennas, infrared cameras, mobile laser scanners, thermal imaging cameras and chemical detection. In the field of aerial images the stabilization mounts compensate aircraft movements and vibrations thus reducing flying time, project costs and the risk for data gaps.

The company offers stabilization mounts for large format sensors stabilizing a payload up to 120 kg. This model has a size of 615mm x 530 mm x 175mm and a weight of 29 kg. These stabilization mounts have four cylinders and two servo pumps and the three axes gimbal dynamically stabilizes sensors like cameras, LiDAR’s and other surveying equipment ensuring pin-sharp images.
Additionally the company manufactures medium modular stabilization devices stabilizing a payload up to 35 kg having a size of 460mm x 430mm x 165mm and a weight of 14 kg.
Furthermore the company produces extra small stabilization mounts for ultralight aircraft and drones. These mounts have a size of 290mm x 275mm x 121mm and a weight of 5,2 kg.

The company is looking for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements in order to represent the manufacturer in the contractual territory as the exclusive local business partner. Furthermore the manufacturer is interested in establishing partnerships with companies that use sensor technology and are interested in optimising its products.

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The leading manufacturers of optical sensors all rely on the stabilization technology. Despite the industrial standards - with longstanding expertise the company develops individual solutions for specific needs of its customers and grant a fast and reliable support. Moreover the company processes orders on a customer-specific basis assisting companies from concept throught development to delivery of the system. Gyro Stabilization makes a difference – especially when it’s getting rough: Pitch, roll and yaw angles are a constant challenge for aerial photography, geospatial data acquisition and surveillance. The Gyro Stabilization Mounts drastically reduce the movements of moving sensor systems. This gimbals compensate arbitrary vehicle movements and vibrations in all three axes. It allows a high resolution image quality and more operating time at lower costs. All the devices can be connected with the most popular Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and Flight Management Systems (FMS) to complete your missions even more efficiently.

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The partner could be: - an agent with good connections to companies using sensor technologies. Partnership is based on a commercial agency agreement. - Wholesaler or Retailer providing products in the fields of mobile mapping, imaging, scanning and surveillance. Partnership is based on a distribution services agreement. - Companies that could use stabilization mounts to optimise its products. The Commercial Partner shall take over representation of the Manufacturer in the Contractual Territory as the exclusive local Business Partner. This includes the exclusive manufacturer support in all applications for government or other public tenders. The potential Partner should be good connected with industry-leading experts, the related scientific community and the linking pins between Think tanks and Public Authorities. Meanwhile the Manufacturer won’t apply for public tenders and don’t support a third party. The Contractual Partner informing each other immediately about the applications and requests of quotation to avoid any conflict regarding support and pricing. The exact delimitation of this Contractual Territory shall result from negotiated territories defined by Country Codes. Amendments to the Contractual Territory shall not be valid unless they are covered by an addendum to a contract of commercial cooperation to be signed by the two contracting partners. The representation shall cover all products of the Manufacturer which are currently part of its production and sales programme. The Commercial Partner shall negotiate and initiate sales transactions in the Contractual Territory for the account of himself. In this connection he shall defend the interests of the Manufacturer with the due diligence of a prudent businessman and use his best endeavours to enlarge and increase the market relevance. He shall entertain business relations with the prospective customers and develop them systematically. The instruments for Marketing & Sales are a homepage where all the products & services from Annex II are listed and presented in a modern way. Furthermore the Business Partner participates in trade shows & exhibitions as a visitor or exhibitor. The Commercial Partner shall be obliged to monitor the creditworthiness of existing or prospective customers - within the framework of his possibilities. Any doubts concerning the creditworthiness of an existing or prospective customer must immediately be notified to the Manufacturer. The Commercial Partner undertakes to treat business and trade secrets of the Manufacturer as confidential and to store the documents which refer to them and the commercial agency in such a way that they are not accessible to third parties. He shall keep all knowledge about business procedures and internal, more particularly, confidential matters obtained during the term of the Contract secret even after the termination of the Contract. The Commercial Partner shall be entitled to enter into contracts with sub-Partners or employed commercial travellers that he wishes to use as vicarious Partners to meet his contractual obligations. First level support (E-Mail, Telephone, other communication ways) will be done by the Commercial partner and all relevant information needs to be transferred to the manufacturer for the records.


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