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A German manufacturer of high quality additives for fuels and lubricants is looking for international distribution partners

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A German SME is specialized in production of high-quality additives for fuels and lubricants. Additives have multiple positive effects and are used in the storage and combustion of fossil and biogenic energy sources. The company is looking for partners with access to the petroleum trade, refineries, service station networks and operators of commercial vehicles through distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements.



The German producer of additives for fuels and lubricants was founded 1993. It has been able to expand its portfolio continuously and supplies both dealers and customers directly. Additives are used in many areas of daily life. For example, in the food industry, in the construction industry or even in the cosmetics industry. However, they are also used in the storage and combustion of fossil and biogenic energy sources, including gasoline, (bio)diesel, heating oil, LPG and ethanol.
The areas of application are:
- Additives for compliance with standards
Additives are necessary to produce fuels according to the German Industrial Standard (DIN) or the EU standard. Refineries or import tank terminals use additives to be able to deliver their products as economically as possible and in compliance with the standard.
- Additives for performance enhancement
The effectiveness of additives for increasing the performance of engines has been tested and certified by Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV an internationally active, independent service companies from Germany and Austria that test, inspect and certify technical systems) and manufacturers. The additives are used, among other things, in racing to further increase the performance of engines.
- Additives improve functionality
The addition of additives optimizes the combustion of the fuel, making it easier to comply with emission limits (Euro 6 standard).
- Additives for heating oil
Premium heating oil is commercially upgraded with an additional additive package to ensure trouble-free use even after prolonged storage.
- Renewable fuels (eFuel)
Up to 20% bio content in fuels is now common, or even mandatory in Switzerland. In particular, so-called fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), which are obtained from vegetable fats such as rapeseed oil or animal fats, are used in biodiesel or biofuel. The bio content leads to a better environmental balance, but it needs special additives to offer the usual good performance.
The company (SME) offers tested quality "Made in Germany", provides comprehensive support for sales partners and online ordering facilities.

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Additives have many positive effects on fuels and lubricants: - Extending storage stability - Cleaning and maintenance of fuel systems and fuel oil tanks - superposition of annoying fuel oil odors - optimised combustion in fuel-carrying systems - improved performance and reduced emissions - achievement of the requirements of (EU) standards and other requirements such as "No-Harm". The company has various TÜV certifications (proven protection of oil heating systems - increased cost-effectiveness, lower emissions) and awards from industry associations or international fuel suppliers.

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The German SME is looking for partners who actively promote the offered product range to local customers as refineries and supplier of fuel, lubricants or heating oil as commercial agent and for partners who distribute the board range of additives to the above mentioned customer groups. Preferably, the partner should have already established contact with the customer group. The company is looking for partners with access to the petroleum trade, refineries, service station networks and operators of commercial vehicles to increase their international turnover. Targeted type of cooperation distribution services agreements and commercial agency agreements.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500