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German manufacturer of infrared heating systems is looking for sales partners under a distribution services or commercial agency agreement

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Combined heat and power (co-generation)
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A German manufacturer of infrared heating systems is looking for sales partners in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal under a distribution services or commercial agency agreement. The infrared heating technology has little energy consumption, no co2-emissions, no air circulation and its easily to install. They are maintenance-free and have no fire risk. The heaters are very flat and can be covered with mirrors, writings boards or printed photos.



The German manufacturer of infrared heating systems was founded in 2013. They use the latest infrared heating technology to heat efficiently and save large amounts of electricity. The heating system can be combined with a photovoltaic system or operated with ecologically generated electricity. This way it is possible to reduce co2-emissions with this technology. Also with normal household electricity, infrared heaters have little energy consumption.

They have a large selection of different products in different sizes and power ratings as well as surfaces. In general the heaters are very flat. The flat surfaces of the heaters e.g. can be supplied with metal surfaces, which can then be powder-coated in all colours. Another possibility is a heater with a mirror surface that does not fog up. It can be a writing board or even printed with own photos that are put in a special process as a surface.

Product-related advantages include that all products are technical safe. All necessary approvals and certificates are given and safeguarded. The product is a well-established brand in the German market. Trade partners receive a 2-year guarantee. If they sell the goods to private homeowners in small quantities, a guarantee up to 20 years can be given. Short delivery times can be provided, also during winter months. Furthermore, the company advances with permanent development of products and their goods variety.

In the last 7 years the company has successfully realized more than 1000 projects with their customers. They were represented at 16 trade fairs and opened a large showroom in Frankfurt-Rhein-Main, Germany.

They regularly receive inquiries for their products from abroad. Therefore they want to strategically expand their business in Europe and beyond. Target countries are the European neighbouring countries Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Cooperation partners are preferably wholesalers. Cooperation can be based on a distribution services or commercial agency agreement. Furthermore, contacts to building companies in the respective countries can be interesting.

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The little energy consumption regarding electricity is due to their different mode of operation compared to all other heating systems. The heat from infrared heaters is distributed evenly throughout the room, including into the corners and is picked up by the walls. The walls are dry, lose little heat and no mould can form. Infrared heaters create a pleasant and healthy room climate. As the infrared heating system does not primarily heat the air, there is no air circulation. Without air circulation, dust transport in the room can be reduced significantely. This leads to less dust in the breathing air. Thus via infrared heating additional health benefits are created. A unique selling is the special High Performance Silver Interlayer technology that enables the infrared heaters to heat up particularly quickly. After 10 minutes the heat is evenly distributed over the surface. This is ensured by carbon conductors connected in parallel and connected with pure silver, which lie directly against the surface, which enables a homogeneous temperature distribution possible. The result is a high radiation efficiency that delivers the best possible result and energy savings. This technology is practically durable forever, even if, contrary to expectations, a carbon filament should fail, the heating system as a whole remains fully functional. The heat from infrared heaters is distributed evenly throughout the room, without air circulation and creates a pleasant and healthy room climate. With less dust transport, additional health benefits are created. A further advantage is the simple and easy mounting. No special craftsman is required, because the infrared heaters resemble flat plates that are simply screwed to the wall or ceiling and connected to the electricity. By a thermostat control the heaters are always held only on the desired room temperature. Infrared heaters are maintenance-free and do not wear out. It is a safe heating system without risk of fire or burns.

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Potential business partners can be a partner who acts as a major importer and opens up the market in his country under a distribution services agreement. This can be possible via a network of support point dealers, or the supply of crafts enterprises directly. Another possibility is a partner who is already self-employed as a distributor or craftsman and would like to add another product. The products should complement each other or be in any meaningful relationship. Possible partners can be owners of a photovoltaic company, heating engineers, electricians, refurbishers and renovators or anyone working in the field of house construction and refurbishment. Also possible are strongly sales-oriented partners who would like to set up their own business with a special and future-oriented product. Sales partners would represent the infrared heating systems in their country under a commercial agency agreement based on a commission. Advantages for sales partners include remarkable growth market. Marketing support is provided as well as corporate sales papers, catalogues and advertising material. Trainings and support are free of charge. The manufacturer provides the necessary knowledge in training courses, for example via Skype or zoom. Language skills in English and/or German are necessary. Furthermore, prerequisites are commitment and creativity to make the product best known in the respective country. Contacts in the building industry or energy industry are certainly helpful. The possession and willingness to invest a certain amount of equity capital is required. Own equity capital investment is e.g. necessary for the construction of a showroom, the first trade fairs and a local marketing plan. The exact amount is to be determined in consultation with the manufacturer.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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France, Italy, Portugal, Spain


infrared heating system example


infrared heating system example


infrared heating system example