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German manufacturer of infrared therapy systems is looking for a partner providing distribution services or a commercial agency agreement

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Composite materials
Advanced Textile Materials
Other therapeutic (including defibrillators)
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Health and beauty aids
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The German manufacturer of infrared therapy mats provides products in four variations. The heat source is based on carbon fibres and the health benefits are provided by various minerals. Applications are possible in both the health sector as well as in the consumer sector. The mats are tested and registered in the White Book of Conservative Orthopaedics and and Orthopaedic Surgery. This manufacturer is looking for a distributor or commercial agent to sell their products.



This German producer of infrared therapy devices for mats and mattresses has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing infrared technology, composite materials and high-quality assembling standards. Infrared treatment is a recognised medical method for symptoms such as infections, metabolism problems and orthopadic indications.
This qualifies the products to be applied in both medical and therapeutical uses as well as consumer applications.
The unique product characteristics are:
- infrared emmitters based on carbon fibres;
- composite materials are natural and artificial products with a unique mineral layer;
These features are capable of providing several effects on well-being and health conditions of human individuals:
- individual adjustable temperature regulation;
- improved wound healing;
- improved metabolism;
- reduction of infections;
- improved blood parameters;
- revitalisation of the immune system;
The main idea of this therapeutical approach is to strengthen autologous body's defences.

The company is capable of adjusting its product portfolio according to the requirements of medical applications and consumers. One successful example is the truck drivers matress modified for the use in vehicles including highly variable temperature conditions.Moreover, the energy demand of the Heating Mat is low (70Watt at 24V). Savings for the truck heating system are approx. 5 litres of diesel within 24h.

Both types of cooperation 'commercial agency agreement' and 'distribution services agreement' are suitable since the product portfolio is broadly based in its functionality. Moreover, both main types of customers are in the focus: 1) individual consumers on the retail business level aiming for convenience and wellbeing; 2) commercial and public enterprises such as clinics and hospitals for therapeutical purposes. The application of both types of partnerships has a high potential to increase the reach of the products.

Advantages & innovations

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The company is renowned for its high quality and versitale products. The high quality is based upon the following innovations: - patended built-in infrared system; - individually ajustible temperature regulation - built-in mineral layers - medical and therapeutical applications due to the positive implications of this systme on symptons such as neurodermatitis, backache, burns, scars, cicatrix, strokes and other indications; -composite of natural and artificial materials manufactured under high production standards.

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Partners need to have a network as well as business experience either in commercial or medical fields of matress sales. They need to know about technological requirements of the therapy mats and the implications for the application in medicine or specific commercial applications

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Already on the market

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The company is looking either for a partner that can provide distribution services or for a commercial agency to advertise and sell their products. Both types of partner should have some experience in high-end medical and/or consumer products in the field of therapy mats.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500