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German manufacturer of sensor system for fertility determination is looking for distribution partners

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A small German company has developed a product for natural family planning. The product is a sensor system which - while sleeping - measures body core temperature and not only surface temperature. The product is designed to help women to determine ovulation and their fertility window. The sensor can also be used for identification of the infertile days. The company serves the German and the Swiss market. They are open for contacts to distribution and trade partners from all other countries.



A young German company produces an innovative sensor system for fertility determination.
The product is a hormone-free, safe and digital sensor system which is developed to make the symptothermal method easy and accessible for every woman.
The sensor determines ovulation as well as the (in)fertile days precisely and measures women’s body core temperature and not only the surface temperature. The transmission of the measured temperature values does not occur from the inside of the body. There is no radiation when the product is in use inside the body.

The sensor is made of medical silicone and is worn like a tampon while sleeping.

By using this medical device natural family planning can be implemented in a self-determined way.
The product consists of a sensor, an associated docking station and a mobile app.

Mode of operation:

● The product is comparable with a commercially available tampon; vaginal use only at night
● The product is based on the symptothermal method, which combines the observation of body core temperature and cervical mucus
● The nature of cervical mucus is determined by the woman and entered in the app
● The confirmation of ovulation only takes place when the required temperature shift has been clearly identified and matches the development of the cervical mucus

The sensor in daily use:

● introduce the sensor before going to sleep
● it measures temperature values at night
● remove it the next morning
● the sensor is put in its box
● temperature data are sent to a server
● server evaluates the data and sends them to the woman`s smartphone where the app is installed

Target group:

● Women with an active desire to have children
● Women looking for a hormone-free contraceptive
● Women who want to understand their body and its physical processes
● Women with a fundamental interest in their cycle due to health reasons

Data security is very important, as there is no storage or transfer of the users` personal data. Moreover there is no use of real names, so drawing conclusions about users`s behaviour is impossible.

The product has the certification as a medical device (class 2a) by TÜV Rheinland which is an EU wide certification standard. An application for the certification as a class 2b product - as hormone-free contraceptive - is in process.

The company is keen to enter new markets and is interested in contacts to distribution and trade partners from all other countries.

Advantages & innovations

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The symptothermal method on which the product is based has been researched for many years and has been documented in scientific studies. In comparison to other existing products this product is more precise in determining ovulation, as the sensor measures body core temperature to an accuracy of 0.02 degrees. Moreover, it only needs to be worn while sleeping. Furthermore, the transmission of the measured temperature values does not occur from the inside of the body, but only from the docking station. The company's product offers double protection via the measurement of body core temperature and nature of cervical mucus on the other hand.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for different channels to enter new markets. Channel 1: The product is very specific femtech, so gynaecologists, midwives are target groups, which means that distributors should them into account for offering the product to them as points for reselling to the interested women. Channel 2: Distribution and trade partners or resellers, who are selling such products online, via webshops or in physical shops are welcome. The company is open for other suggestions how to enter sprecific markets as this product is a very specific one.

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University,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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