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German manufacturer of small wind turbines is searching for local distribution or commercial agency partners with contacts to metalworking industry and electrical installation service providers

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A company from Germany focuses on renewable energies. The main product is a small wind turbine system with 5 kW. The SME is interested in finding local cooperation partners in Maghreb/Sub-Saharan Africa for a distribution service or a commercial agency agreement - particularly in Egypt, Nigeria, and Tunisia.



The company from Germany is a start-up, which was founded in 2018. The SME has a solid financial background and is part of a holding. The wind turbine has the following characteristics:

- Development specification to receive an optimized balance between Aerodynamic (blade-set), electrical output (generator) and total weight (component selection in material, design and quality);
- Each component with special designed and manufactured with latest technology available;
- Maximum weight optimisation for each component in design and material for the sake of minimum tower cost;
- Maintenance free.

Further the following technical data indictors are relevant:

- Nominal output: 5 kW;
- Voltage (winding) 3-phase rotary AC, synchronous;
- Generator starts at a wind speed of 2 m/s;
- Horizontal alignment;
- Diameter 4.56 m, 5.16 m (light wind)
- Application on-grid / off-grid ready

The company is searching for new partners in Egypt, Nigeria, and Tunisia due to itsĀ“ Maghreb/Sub-Saharan Africa strategy. The product is ideal for countries with local energy problems and the implementation on-site is easy. The product outreach fits to the SDG of UN (sustainability development goals of the United Nations). The German SME is looking for partners that are interested in a distribution service or a commercial agency agreement. Potential cooperation partners need to be aware, that the option for additional income and the creation of a value-chain in Maghreb/Sub-Saharan Africa countries implicates a more complex cooperation framework and a clear responsibility for managing the mast/pole production, installation process, and sensitization for an anti-theft device is expected.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
- Low investment and short payback period; - Manufactured by cutting-edge technology and high material quality; - 5 years guarantee; - Anodised aluminium parts; - Very quick and easy assembly and disassembly; - Low-noise (35 SPL (Sound Pressure Level) - (wind turbine size 5m); - Application: GSM-towers (Global System for Mobile Communications) on top; - Complied with the International Electronical Commission 61400-2 certificate.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
- EOI with clear description, why the product is suitable for the extension of the portfolio of the company in Maghreb/Sub-Saharan; - Finding a local/regional partner that is able to produce the wind turbine mast/pole (additional income option for the potential partner) - Finding a local/regional partner that is able to install the wind turbine (additional income option for the potential partner); - Marketing/sales activities; - Triggering orders of clients in close arrangement with the manufacturer; - Monitoring of product installation, and sensitization for an anti-theft device (additional income option for the potential partner).

Stage of development

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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Type: SME / University (educational centres are also welcome) Activity: Renewable energy sector, wholesaler of electrical products, metalworking company with interest in exploring new markets in the renewable energy sector. Role within commercial agency agreement: Distribution of the product on local/regional, national and depending on capacity and strategic interest on neighbouring countries. Management with the other above mentioned stakeholders (mast/pole production etc.) Role within distribution services agreement: Distribution of the product on local/regional, national and depending on capacity and strategic interest on neighbouring countries. The beginning of the cooperation will be a longer process in order to clarify details, which will not be managed by the potential distribution partner.

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SME 11-50,University,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia