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German market leader offers special case solutions to distribution partners who want to expand their own portfolio, enter new markets and find new customers

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A German mid-sized company offers customised aluminium or high quality plastic special cases, boxes and transport solutions that are made in Germany. Applications are in all industries. The company has been in the business for 35 years and has accumulated excellent market know-how. The company seeks partners with complementary products and consulting capacities for distribution services agreements. The German company will offer full support to the new partner.



A German family-run company with 140 employees has been developing and manufacturing custom cases, boxes and packaging solutions for industrial customers all over the world for more than 35 years. Any design idea in size, shape and color and any features can be realized. The interior of the cases can be customized with foam inserts adapted to the customer needs. The special cases are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or durable plastics. For almost every application and requirements the best solution can be developed.

Examples of complex products are medical cases where reliable protection of sensitive instruments must be ensured, where hygiene regulations need to be complied to and where convenient loading is required. Other industries, such as, cosmetics, measurement technology, security, electrical engineering, optics, construction industry and many more are also served with complete solutions, developed and built by the company's experts.
The German company offers in-depth consulting and close collaboration with the customer regarding the solutions. The customers define their requirements and the German company contributes their vast experience and develops a unique case, perfectly adapted to the requirements.

The company has good market knowledge in Germany and Europe. They are looking for partners worldwide who have experience in their markets and who already have access to industrial customers in their area. They already have partners in a few countries but would like to expand their network. A partner should not see himself as a distributor, but as a solution provider and consultant who can offer the customer an advantage through advice on tailored solutions. The partner receives support from the German company whenever needed, in acquiring new customers and new branches.

The ideal partner could be i.e. a flight case builder, a specialist for packaging solutions from a similar business (for example foam producer) or a dealer with a clear focus on consultation.

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• More than 35 years of experience in the company • Good knowledge of markets abroad • Customized high-quality solutions “made in Germany” • Customer wishes regarding size, color, shape or features can be realized • Consultation and collaboration in the development of optimum solutions

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Sales partners are sought with a focus on advice and solution providing. Partners should be solution providers to the end-users and develop ideas with them. They could be flight case producers, manufacturers of complementary packaging products, such as foam or dealers with consulting capacity. The German company can either provide only the outer casing or the complete product, as requested by the partner for the customer. The partners can expand their own business and range of services in their own regional markets with new products without significant investments. Thus it is a good opportunity for an existing company to grow by reaching new markets that have to date not yet been worked on or only slightly. The German partner will support the partner where needed.


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