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A German metalworking company is looking for a manufacturer of Bluetooth circuit boards under a manufacturing agreement

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A metalworking company from Germany is looking for a manufacturer of Bluetooth boards. Ideally, the manufacturer is also able to program the circuit boards with software. The aim is to use the Bluetooth boards in several series production. The German company produces components made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The portfolio ranges from small laser cutting parts to complex assemblies. Favoured is a long-term partnership via a manufacturing agreement with companies from Poland.



The German company was founded in 1986 and is located in the Northeast of the country. As metalworking manufacturer the company owns a modern machinery park and is specialized in CNC turning, milling and lasering.
Quality assurance is very important for the company. The company is quality certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2. A CE marking used by the manufacturer would be good.

In Germany, many manufacturers of Bluetooth circuit boards are on their limits of capacity. Therefore, the company is looking for a manufacturer abroad in order to enhance their supplier portfolio. Preferably, the manufacturer is able to program the circuit boards with software according to the wishes of the German company. One of the company's wishes is to have the circuit board delivered with two soldered components - a battery compartment and a spring contact (see picture).

After a successful testing phase, the goal is to use the Bluetooth boards in a series production of switch housing, initially in 100 series and later up to 1.000 series. The circuit board is required to trigger a Bluetooth signal. Activation should be triggered by touching the housing in which the board is mounted.

Manufacturers from Poland are preferred as cooperation partners, due to the close distance. The aim is to establish a long-term business partnership. The desired kind of contract is a manufacturing agreement.

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The manufacturer of the Bluetooth circuit boards should be able to produce boards with a good quality. Software experience is an advantage. It is preferred to program the boards directly with software. One wish of the company is to add two soldered components, a battery compartment and a spring contact to the circuit board (see picture). Quality certifications like a CE marking are important.

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The ideal partner has proven experience in manufacturing Bluetooth circuit boards and is able to program software on the boards. The manufacturer should be interested in a long-term cooperation. The German metalworking company looks for a durable and reliable business partnership. Preferred is a manufacturing agreement. An advantage are quality certifications like a CE marking. A cooperation with a Polish manufacturer is desired. Language for communication can be English or German.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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Bluetooth circuit board with soldered battery compartment and spring contact