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German producer of mobile air systems is looking for sales partners under a commercial agency or a distribution services agreement

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A German company that produces mobile air systems for diving and shooting sports as well as for high-pressure tools is looking for a sales partner to work on a commercial agency or a distribution services agreement. Target countries include Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia.



German producer of high-pressure air compressors offers products for the diving sector, shooting sports, paintball, craftmanship and the construction sector (e.g. light weight and mobile compressors for high pressure tools).

The company had been established in 1997 and looks back on a long tradition of engineering. All products are made in Germany. High quality is offered at a very competitive price.

New products are form-factor portable compressors built with commercial robustness. The portable pneumatic power system combines patented dual-stage regulator with high pressure air (10 / 20 bar). Pneumatic power is inherently green with no disposal of spent fuel cells or spent batteries.

These new products have areas of application for low-pressure air tools such as nailers, secateurs, etc. Therefore for all applications where electrical cables or compressed air hoses would otherwise have to be carried around with the tool. It is possible to reduce e.g. 300 bar high pressure to e.g. 10 bar low pressure, without a separate pressure reducer.

The standard product segment includes:

-High pressure air compressors (200 bar, 70 l/min, alternating current motor: 1,5 kW -230 V/50 Hz)

-High pressure air compressors (300 bar, 70l/min, alternating current motor:1,5 kW-230 V/50 Hz)

-High pressure air compressors (300 bar, 90l/min, 2,2 kW-230V/50 Hz)

In addition they produce motors and gasoline motors.

The products operate with sinter and adsorption filters with integrated sinter condensate segregation that guarantees dry and clean air.

The company offers supplies and spares for its products as filling hoses, filling valves for the cartridge, filling modules for paintball and kits for machine maintenance and other products.

To offer an encompassing service to its client, there is an own technical service department.

The company would like to expand to new markets and is therefore looking for a reliable sales partner in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovenia with a customer base in diving sector, shooting sports, paintball, craftmanship and the construction sector. Cooperation will be based on a commercial agency or a distribution services agreement.

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The compressors are developed and produced in Germany and show a very high quality at competitive prices. The company offers individual development and adaptation of products to perfectly meet its customers' requirements.

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Already on the market

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The sales partner should have a proven customer base in the field of diving equipment, shooting sports, craftmanship (mobile high pressure compressors e.g. for construction sites) and paint ball. Furthermore, the partner should offer simple technical support (maintenance etc.).

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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Austria, Czechia, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland