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German producer of a natural honey-based oral care product seeks distributors

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A young German company develops and produces natural care products made of Manuka honey and propolis. Their patented and certified tincture helps to treat lesions of oral mucosa and gums. After a successful launch of its product in Germany and Austria, the company wants to open up new markets and expand internationally. They are looking for distribution partners in Scandinavia, Benelux, Poland and France that are well connected to the regional healthcare sector.



This young German company, founded in 2013, is active in the development of natural cosmetics on the basis of bee products. Their main product is a tincture for the care of oral mucosa and gums, made of Manuka honey, propolis and Aloe Vera. Small injuries of the oral area caused by e.g. dentures, braces, cheek bites or aphthae are often very painful and can lead to considerable discomfort when eating, drinking or talking. Many sufferers are therefore looking for effective products to alleviate their symptoms. The need for effective oral care products is therefore clear.

Honey is well known for its many healthy properties. Its antibacterial and antiviral potential is based on the origin of the nectar and the special enzymatic transformation of the nectar into honey by the bees. The worldwide unique Manuka honey occupies a special position here. At least 70 % pollen and/or nectar from the South sea myrtle must be contained, so that a honey may call itself Manuka honey. The South sea myrtle, which grows exclusively in New Zealand, is particularly rich in the sugar compound dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is converted by bees into the antibacterial component methylglyoxal (MGO) and gives the honey its particular health-promoting properties.
The second valuable product from the hive is propolis, a complex substance mixture of tree resins, pollen, nectar and bee saliva, which has a pronounced antiseptic potential. Propolis serves as a building material, used for closing all existing gaps in the bee house as well as for lining the brood honeycombs. In this way, the sensitive hive system is protected against infections. The synergistic properties of these two valuable bee products in combination with caring Aloe Vera support the regeneration of stressed tissue and provide a clear alleviation of discomfort especially in case of oral lesions.

The tincture the company offers is a unique natural oral care product: NATRUE-certified and patented in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All ingredients contained in this tincture are traditional used since ages to promote health in a variety of ways. The product is branded and placed in the German and Austrian healthcare market and it is listed at pharmaceutical wholesalers.
The product is available in the following sizes:
- 1.5 ml bottle including environmentally friendly cotton swabs for immediate use
- 5 ml stock bottle
- 10 x 1.5 ml in practical, space-saving display dispenser

Now the company wants to expand their international business, for a first step to the Scandinavian and Benelux countries, Poland and France. They are searching for distribution partners in these countries, interested to broaden their own portfolio with the German company’s product. The envisaged partners should be well established in the (natural) health and/or nutrition sector in its country. They should have an own sales force and are able to sell the German company’s products in the framework of an independent sales partnership. In Germany and Austria the product is sold via pharmacies, dentists, homeopathic and natural healing offices. The partner could also run an online shop, as long as this shop is only active on its national market.

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- natural and effective nutraceutical remedy - unique product to care lesions of oral mucosa and gums in a natural way - patented and NATRUE-certified - branded and on the market in Germany and Austria

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Already on the market

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The German company is looking for business partners active in the healthcare sector, who are interested in distributing its products in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Poland. They want to establish a long-term collaboration under a distribution services agreement. The envisaged partner should be well connected to the regional healthcare sector, with focus on pharmacies, dentists, homeopathic and natural healing offices. The ideal partner should - sell own products in the (natural) health and/or nutrition sector, - be well established in its country, - have its own sales force and - is interested to expand its portfolio. The future cooperation partner can also run an online shop, who is only serving its national market. Detailed terms of the collaboration, as frequency, payments, volumes, transport are subject to the individual independent sales partnership.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden