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German provider of cutting-edge solutions for AI driven digitalization is looking for software providers, consulting companies & machine builders to provide digital offerings to die-casting companies under commercial agency agreement

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A German company specialised in artificial intelligence (AI) driven digitalization of manufacturing companies has developed a cutting-edge AI solution for visualization, monitoring, and predictive analytics in real-time. The company is looking for software providers, consulting companies and machine builders interested in providing digital offerings to die-casting companies under commercial agency or subcontracting agreement. Partners should be based especially in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.



The company is located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and was founded in 2019 by experienced engineers who have worked for renown organisations such as NASA, Fraunhofer and Qualcomm. Since then, they have implemented AI projects for various internationally reputed manufacturing companies along the whole value chain of aluminium casting. For the value the company provides to clients, the company was awarded as one of the best eight of 490 data companies across Europe (European Data Incubator, EU Horizon 2020).

The company’s solutions focus on improving the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) (quality, machine availability & performance) in manufacturing processes with the support of advanced analytics of production data. The technological solution to be distributed or commercialized through the cooperation partner is an easy-to-use, secure & fast-to-implement industrial artificial intelligence software to reduce rejections in aluminium low-pressure die-casting. The software uses artificial intelligence to detect quality deviations early on, and to recommend optimal casting parameters to reduce rejections. This information is provided in real-time on computers, tablets and mobile devices in an easy and clear software, which was specifically developed for the usage in die-casting companies.

The software uses a unique hybrid algorithm based on the metallurgical equations of the specific casting process and uses machine learning to get more accurate insights from production data (e.g. from programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors & quality systems). As per customer preference, the software can be installed on local servers all common cloud architectures and comes with certified data security standards. The software has proven results from manufacturing companies such as reducing: scrap rates, energy consumption, human efforts and increasing productivity.

Among the relevant experiences of the German provider are over 30 successfully implemented projects in the domain of industrial big data and advanced analytics for the manufacturing industry. Particularly relevant applications are:

- Improvement of quality rate in low-pressure-die-casting wheel manufacturing (quality prediction & recommendation of optimal process conditions)

- OEE optimization in chemical alumina manufacturing with machine learning (quality prediction & recommendation of optimal process conditions in the Bayer Process)

- OEE optimization in aluminium coil casting with machine learning (quality prediction & recommendation of optimal process conditions in the casting of aluminium coils)

- Optimization of energy consumption for twin-chamber furnaces in the aluminium melting process with machine learning (determination of optimal fuel composition & heating cycles)

- Reduction of scrap in aluminium coil leveling / Litho lines (determination of optimal levelling machine parameter settings to avoid first layer impressions)

The German company is looking for software providers, consulting companies, and machine builders to provide digital offerings to die-casting companies, especially in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) under a commercial agency agreement and subcontracting agreement. The partnership is envisage as a mutual collaboration to enter new markets, and jointly offering the software solution for low-preasure-die-casting.

The German company will provide the state-of-the-art technological solution and the partner the market knowledge and the strategic connections to companies using die-casting as a process.

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Key Innovative aspects of the software: - Trustworthy hybrid model to combining metallurgical phase transfer equations of Low Preassure Die-Casting (LPDC) and data-driven approach with AI - Easy to understand software that is tailored for the usage by domain experts on the shopfloor and process engineers (even without AI knowledge) - Highest data security standards with secured data storage, secured data transmission and secured software access - Proven results from the German company’s world-leading wheel manufacturing clients in reducing scrap, optimizing costs and improving the environmental footprint of their LPDC operations - Accurate quality assessment with real-time predictive analytics to detect quality deviations early on, to reduce in-stock inventories (e.g. due to bottlenecks in x-ray machines) and to avoid the unnecessary processing of bad castings along the value chain - Recommendations for optimal casting parameters (real-time dynamic recipes; prescriptive analytics) to reduce scrap (e.g. air inclusions) in die-casting The benefits for the partner’s clients are: - Increased OEE - Reduced rejections in LPDC - Improved environmental sustainability - Reduced human efforts & machine allocation - Increased productivity - Monetary savings & fast ROI

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The German company is looking for software providers, consulting companies, and machine builders that are interested in providing digital offerings to die-casting companies especially in the DACH region under a commercial agency and subcontracting agreement. Through this collaboration the partner can benefit from additional revenue through the collaborative offering of the software solution for low-pressure-die-casting; the positioning as an innovative leader in the industry by providing state-of-the-art Industry 4.0/ industrial AI software, and enhancing relationships with their clients by providing additional value-adding offerings. The German provider will bring the technology and the partner its contacts and market knowledge of the respective country. The cooperation is envisage under the following type of partnerships: -Commercial agency agreement: the business partner will remain the customer-facing institution. The cooperation partner and the company will jointly lead prospective clients along the buying process. The partner will have the opportunity to provide complementary value-adding offerings & services (such as consulting services, data architecture/extraction offerings etc.) whereas the company provides the mentioned AI software. -Subcontracting agreement: the software offering will be provided through a subcontracting agreement. The partner sought is envisioned to be the contractor to the client and the German company will function as a subcontractor providing the required data science services and the described software offering. Details of the agreement are to be defined in consortium with the partner to meet the given situation and requirements of the involved parties in the best possible way. The partner is expected to have the following tasks: - Connecting with manufacturing companies that use low-pressure-die-casting - Providing additional services / consulting (if required by the client) - Partnering and collaborating with the German company to jointly provide the solution to prospective manufacturing clients Steps for establishing the agreement with the German provider: 1. Exploratory call: Exchange of interests to find synergies and mutual benefits 2. Definition of type of partnership (see above) 3. Creation of business plan 4. Collaboration agreement / legal agreements The manufacturing clients should already collect production data (e.g. from PLCs, sensors & quality systems); full list of required data can be shared upon request.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Austria, Germany, Switzerland