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German SME is looking for an adhesive manufacturer or developer

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Joining techniques (riveting, screw driving, gluing)
Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals
Plastic fabricators
Polymer (plastics) materials
Engineering services
Manufacture of glues
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products


A German biotech research and development company is looking for a developer or manufacturer of adhesives who can provide a certain glue that is, amongst others, resistant to isopropanol (70%) and water for at least 40 hours. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought.



A German SME active the development of innovative products in the field of diagnostics and analytics, life science and pharmacy is looking for an adhesive in order to complete the development of a product.

The adhesive is needed for bonding a cellulose foil under a polystyrene plastic part. The company suggest using a UV adhesive. The adhesive will be applied with an automatic dosing system. The adhesive must be resistant to isopropanol (70%) and water for at least 40 hours. The adhesive should withstand a force of approximately 200 cN during a tensile test (using the company's test set-up). The most important property is the stability against isopropanol and water and that it does not release anything to the solution. In case it does not have the necessary adhesive strength, the company would test the adhesive nonetheless since the adhesive strength is of secondary importance. The glue can have any industrial origin. It does not need to have any current application in life science.

The company needs the technology (glue) for making the product ready for the market. The product will be used in the preclinical development of new active substances/drugs and is not subject to any regulations.

The company is looking for an expert in the adhesive production and/or development who can provide the company with the required adhesive or adjust an adhesive to fulfill the requirements and who can give advice on the appropriate cure within a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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The adhesive • should be resistant to isopropanol (70%) and water for at least 40 hours, • should not release any components into the product after curing so that the adhesive does not interfere with the analytical procedures, • might be a UV adhesive.

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A partner is sought for a commercial agreeement with technical assistance. The partner could be an adhesive manufacturer or developer who can provide the glue or who can produce the glue with the requested properties. Furthermore the manufacturer/developer should be able to give advice on how to use the special glue in order to fulfil the product.