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German SME is looking for a subcontractor from Poland or Czechia able to process birch bark

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Cleaning (sandblasting, brushing)
Mixing (powder, etc.), separation (sorting, filtering)
Biobased materials
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A start-up from Germany that manufactures materials from natural resources is looking for a new subcontractor. The SME's area of focus is the development of sustainable birch bark. The new partner especially needs to remove the white side of the birch bark slices with a brushing process and cut the slices to rectangular pieces. The material will be used for high quality components. The partner from Germany envisages a subcontracting agreement with companies from Poland or Czechia.



The start-up owner decided in 2004 to participate in a cultural exchange program in Russia. There, he worked with disabled people and have to know details about the ancient and traditional craft of bark processing. Next to his studies, the owner founded a company.

Several years of try & error, and further R&D activities led to a material, which is sustainable, water-repellent and pleasing to the skin and eye. Already existing network partners refer to the building, architecture and design industry.

Recently, a subcontractor broke of. The new cooperation partner is asked to remove the white side of the birch bark slices. This process stage is realized with a brushing process. Afterwards the material needs to be cut into slices in order to create rectangular pieces. Therefore, the company is looking for a new partner with experience and machinery for the handling of birch surfaces. The subcontractor needs to have staff with trained eyes and technical equipment:

- brushing equipment for manual or even (semi-)automatic brushing;
- veneer shears or sliding table saw;
- heatable veneer press / stack press;
- good extraction or the possibility to work outdoors due to the dusty process of brushing birch bark.

The company from Germany will deliver the material to the new potential partnership company. The definition of delivery dates will be a consensus decision. Now the material will be sent in batches. For 2022, a volume of 15-20 tons is expected.

To bypass the loss of a subcontractor, a new partner is sought and a subcontracting agreement is envisaged.

Advantages & innovations

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- sustainable material; - renewable resources; - water-repellent surface material for high quality products; - R&D activities; - 1 1/2 decades of material experience; - robust network for further product development.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The partner is expected to sort, saw and brush birch bark. What is needed here is a trained eye, technical equipment (veneer shears or sliding table saw), possibly a heatable veneer press / stack press and good extraction or the possibility to work outdoors.

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Already on the market

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Activity: Industry Type: SME with experiences in wood production. Role: Sorting, sawing, and brushing of birch barks. Material handling with veneer shears or sliding table saw. Further, it is very helpful to use a heatable veneer press / stack press and good extraction or the possibility to work outdoors.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Czechia, Poland