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A German SME offers costumized mobile healthcare apps

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The German SME is specialized in the development of mobile healthcare apps for medtech/pharma companies and medical centres. They combine technical and medical expertise, comply with the regulations for medical products and ensure data security and product reliability. The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance to develop customized healthcare apps based on the partner´s needs.



The German SME develops customized mobile healthcare apps within a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, and regulatory experts. The company supports medtech/pharma companies and medical centres by building apps for doctors, patients and healthcare professionals.

The company has gathered experience by the development of various applications based on the costumer´s requirements. Among their clients is a leading pharmaceutical company, various mid-sized Med-Tech companies, and university clinics.

By using an agile software development workflow, the company implements mobile apps for safety-critical environments in compliance with regulations for medical products. Previously developed mobile healthcare apps comprised software applications for diagnostics, surgery, and diabetology. Their healthcare software includes, for example, applications for diabetes management by connecting with the blood glucose meter, calibration of hearing aid devices, and technical support for performing knee surgeries.
The company’s software products fulfil high usability standards by visualizing complex medical data in a simple way and wirelessly connecting with medical devices and wearables.

The German company seeks cooperations in the form of commercial agreements in order to support potential partners by developing customized health apps on a contract basis.

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The German SME is a well-established app developer that has successfully implemented various mobile healthcare apps for customers. The company possesses a thorough experience in the following fields: • Implementation of reliable mobile apps that can be used in safety-critical environments in compliance with the regulations of medical products during development and provision of necessary documentation (e.g. IEC 62304, ISO 13485) • Visualization of complex medical processes and contents • Design of intuitive mobile user experiences that fulfil high usability standards • Ensuring data security of sensitive data from patients and doctors • Connecting healthcare applications with medical devices and wearables wirelessly

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The company is looking for partners in the healthcare sector within Europe that are searching for an external partner for the development of a mobile healthcare app. These include: • Medtech companies • Pharmaceutical companies • Clinics • Biotech-companies • Other health-related companies The company seeks cooperations in the form of commercial agreements with technical assistance. Areas of applications for software products include all fields of medtech and healthcare. The desired outcome is a contract-based development of new healthcare applications according to the client’s requirements.