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German SME offers high quality cutting-edge laser instruments for tissue processing and cell manipulation under manufacturing agreement

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An innovative German SME develops and produces high quality cutting-edge laser instruments for tissue processing and cell manipulation. The instruments are suitable for diagnostics, research and development in pharma, biotechnology, regenerative medicine and also in material sciences for material testing. The company is looking for partners under a manufacturing or commercial agreement with technical assistance.



Since the German company was founded in 2013, it develops and manufactures laser based solutions for tissue and material cutting. Among other products, their portfolio consists of the following laboratory devices and solutions for laser processing and imaging:

1. OCT-image Guided Laser Microtome
The laser microtome is a multi-purpose sectioning instrument, which enables precise and contact free cutting of biological samples and a broad range of other biomaterials. It can be used for sectioning, structuring or gentle extraction of samples and materials in 2D and 3D for analysis. Compared to conventional methods of mechanical tissue preparation the device can also be used for serial sectioning of undecalcified hard tissue and implant-including tissues with almost no material loss.

The instrument can be used in the following fields:
- Osteology and Orthopedics (non-decalcified hard tissue and implant interface research)
- Cardiology and cardiovascular research and medicine (soft tissue with biomaterials and stents, calcified plaques)
- Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering (implants, scaffolds)
- Oro-facial and dental medicine (non-decalcified hard tissues with metal, ceramic or polymer implants)
- Oto-laryngealogy and audiology (e.g. cochlea, implants)
- Preclinical studies from mouse to large animal models

2. Laser Based Nanodissection System
The cutting microscope provides a powerful technology platform for precise and gentle laser dissection which enables precise, contact-free 3D-nanodissection of living cells and even subcellular structures. It is a versatile and modular tool suitable for a wide range of applications in biological, medical and pharmaceutical research from subcellular cutting to laser based tissue manipulations in small animal models. The tool combines laser dissection and microscopic imaging in one instrument and is applicable in several fields.

The instrument can be applied in the following fields:
- Dissection of subcellular structures, e.g. cutting of single cytoskeletal filaments
- Optical knockout or ablation of specific cell organelles
- Isolation of single cells or cell clusters for further cellular or biochemical analysis in tissues up to small model organisms
- Laser injury models (e.g. vascular, neural)

3. Customized Laser Cutting Solutions
The company also develops customized laser cutting solutions for sample preparation in medtech, pharma, biotech and materials research. They offer:
- Modular and customized systems
- Integration of laser cutting tools into existing imaging systems
- Development of concepts, new methods and systems for the use of ultrashort pulse laser systems
- Development of new applications and protocols

The SME is already engaged in transnational cooperations and represented in several countries such as China, Japan, UK and Korea. In order to expand their business, the company is looking for partners interested in manufacturing or commercial agreements for their laser cutting instruments.

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The company is widely experienced, well established and already engaged in transnational cooperations. Their laser cutting instruments are of a high quality, innovative and suitable for many research and industrial fields. Conventional laser cutting instruments have fundamental limits in terms of the materials which they are able to process. These limitations can be overcome with the use of the offered instrument. In comparison to conventional instruments of tissue preparation, the OCT-image guided Microtome can also be used for the serial sectioning of undecalcified hard tissue and implant-including tissues (e.g. stented vessels, dental screws), which makes the instrument innovative and rare on the market. Its uniqueness and innovativeness also gets obvious when it comes to the question of material loss. While conventional instruments of tissue preparation usually cause a lot of material loss, the OCT-image guided Microtome allows precise tissue preparation with almost no material loss. Due to the instruments cutting precision, the inner structures of the treated materials constantly remain preserved. The OCT-image guided Microtome also allows: - Contact free laser cutting of tissue, which avoids artefacts like compressions or scratches - Gentle isolation of site-specific samples with 3D-sections - Preparation of contamination and contact-free samples for (bio)-chemical analysis The Laser Based Nanodissection System is a highly innovative instrument. Its uniqueness and innovativeness lies in its versatility. In comparison to conventional dissection methods, the device allows laser dissection and microscopic imaging in one instrument. This allows significant time savings for the users of the instrument. The Laser Based Nanodissection System also allows: - Selective targeting of single cells or cell organelles for manipulation or even destruction - In vivo nanosurgery in cells and model organisms - Time lapse observation after manipulation

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The SME is looking for partners under a manufacturing or commercial agreement. - Medical device industry - Preclinical and clinical histology or pathology - Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering - Life Science, R&D institutes and industry - Research in pharma, biotech, medicine & biology Role of partner: - The company is looking for industrial or research partners, who are interested in a manufacturing agreement for the further development of the devices and solutions. - The company is also keen to collaborate with potential industrial or research partners, who are willing to use the instruments and devices for their particular purposes. In this context they are willing to sign commercial agreements.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500