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German SME offers multi-application 2nd life battery storage with patented battery contacting and fast charging system for Battery Electric Vehicles and searches technical cooperations in the fields of battery technology and energy management systems

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A German SME develops a multi-application 2nd life battery storage and fast charging system to foster e-mobility. The integrated system enables new business models on an innovative technological basis which also works in areas with poor grid infrastructure, e.g. rural areas. The company looks for partners for technical cooperation agreement in the fields of battery module reconditioning and affiliated manufacturing technology, power electronics, battery & energy management systems.



The Southern German company was founded as a spin-off of Kempten University of Applied Sciences and is strongly connected to the chair of electrical engineering and cooperates with further Universities. A design prototype and prototypes regarding 2nd life battery cell contacting are available, as well as patents covering the battery cell contacting and media streaming to the system. On this basis, the company offers a system to show and further develop different applications regarding battery storage, ultra-fast charging of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), energy management software, grid supporting services, smart (local) grids and out-of-home media.
Beside the charging of BEVs, different grid supporting services can be offered by the system to strengthen the grid in times of higher volatilities of electricity generation.

Additionally, the system includes up to two large displays to show information, movies, or advertising. A patent is pending for the streaming services. The combination of the battery storage and fast charging system with media services lead to advanced requirements regarding thermal management and air conditioning.

To offer a sustainable and economically attractive product, the system is developed for the usage of 2nd and 3rd life batteries. In the next years a high amount of used battery modules with a state of health of about 80 % will be available on the market. The patented technology to exchange worn battery cells out of battery modules to increase the performance of used batteries has to be developed further. It helps to reduce scrap by extending a battery systems life significantly. The battery system will have a capacity of about 200 kWh and the charging system will have a charging power of about 300 kW while the power supply of the system remains at about 20 to 80 kW. These challenging values are important to have a future-proof product available which can adapt the change of mobility and the increasing need of grid stability services.

Core developments are the further improvement of battery module reconditioning, increase of capacity and output power as well as general hardware improvements on electrical and mechanical side.

Hence, the company is looking for technical cooperation with the following focuses:

- the partner installs the system for field testing. The field testing may focus on BEV loading in public or non-public (e.g. companies) locations or on grid serving functions on locations at businesses (supermarkets, industrial sites, hospitals, office buildings, other companies). But they also may focus on climate conditions (hot locations, cold locations, harsh environments (close to sea)) or out-of-home media (advertising, streaming)
- the partner installs the system for collecting user experience and validating the market on different locations
- further development of industrial software (battery management, energy management, cloud applications, storage cluster management)
- further/own development of power electronics (converter)
- further/own development of electronics (power control, battery and energy management, other functions)

Advantages & innovations

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The number of fast charging capable BEVs is increasing. On the one hand, too less appropriate fast charging points are available in general, on the other hand, the grid infrastructure doesn't allow the unlimited installation of even (slow) conventional charging points. The integrated battery storage and fast charging system allows to exploit regions and locations with fast charging capabilities which have limited grid infrastructure (available cable cross-section, remaining connection capacity on a building, etc.). Even in areas with sufficient grid infrastructure, charging points lead to load peaks which again lead to high energy costs and imperils the grid safety. At this point the company's product can reduce energy costs by serving grid supporting services without extensive installation costs or expert knowledge in energy management systems. The use of 2nd life batteries helps to decrease electronic and chemical waste. Hence, the system supports companies or communities to reach ambitious sustainability goals. From an economical perspective, used batteries lead to reduced costs of the system and allows reduced operating and charging costs. The integration of displays allows the generation of additional value and so reduces operating costs by a further source of income by advertisings. Potential installation locations are at parking lots next to supermarkets, hotels, factories, and many other businesses. The most valuable locations are at companies with high load peaks. Whether this is the case or not can be simulated by the offering company.

Stage of development

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Under development/lab tested

Partner sought

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The company requests an industrial company in order to develop a fully functional prototype and to perform qualification tests. In a next step, the series production with an amount of some hundred systems per year will be possible. Achieving it would make the partner an important part of the growing business and would lead to strategical and economic advantage in the market. OR The company requests partners for the further development of particular parts of the system, like power electronics, energy management system, battery management system, battery connection/2nd life qualification, etc. In this case an existing partner would perform the prototype product. OR The company requests partners for country-specific hardware modification in countries other than Germany. The same is needed for the modification of the business model and especially depends on national grid structures, energy pricing structures and legislation.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500