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German SME offers SaaS (Software as a Service) for text analysis - partners from Austria and Switzerland are sought

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A start-up from Germany in the field of computer programming activities and the analysis of written texts developed technical and consultancy service packages for companies and organisations. The approach focusses on Natural Language Programming and Artificial Intelligence. The SME is looking for pilot partners in Austria and Switzerland in order to proof the business model within a Technical cooperation agreement setting. The SME also offers a License agreement for creativity agencies.



The company is a spinoff from a University of Applied Sciences and received support by a federal German start-up program. The SME started the cooperation with clients in 2019.

The focus refers to the management of texts, which transport information. Due to the complexity it is nowadays even for human beings sometimes difficult to handle the large amount of online texts from databases or computer drives. This challenge is also a relevant issue for machines.

The created algorithm of the start-up supports its clients and their hardware to understand the content of the read texts. The companies’ portfolio consists out of several products.

A software as a service (SaaS) suite helps clients to develop a concept for strategic textual work. With other words: An improvement for the creation of better texts, and a filter function for the extraction of relevant information out of large amounts of texts.

The accumulated experience through work with clients showed, that the integration of digital services often needs additional consulting in order to implement new approaches sustainably. Therefore, the start-up also offers consulting and training sessions for their clients. Such consultancy enables involved employees to understand the unimagined possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.

In order to rollout the business model, the company is now looking for new partners. A first concept phase provides cooperation with partners from Austria and Switzerland.

A Technical cooperation agreement is envisaged with companies and organisations that have a demand in analysing their texts towards several public target groups (e.g. taking into account social inclusion aspects). Negotiations about a Licence agreement are foreseen for creativity agencies, which host virtual content and manage public relations issues for third parties.

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A key value of the company refers to the idea, that language transports feelings and conveys information. With the developed algorithm it is possible: - to monitor relevant markets; - identification and analysis of competitors; - conceptualisation of different language approaches for client journeys; - visualisation of complex text knowledge for internal team discussions; - automatic scoring of text quality with suggestions for improvement; - exact language output for different target groups.

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Already on the market

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Type: SMEs / media consultancy / organisations / public administration Activity: Digitalization and transformation of text and content management; market analysts; search engine optimization (SEO). Role: Technical cooperation agreement: Definition of the use case and cooperation within a 1-4 year contract framework in order to evaluate the effects towards the market and/or several publics. License agreement: Usage of SaaS for third parties and their market demands.


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Austria, Switzerland