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German start-up with innovative accommodation system along the bike & waterways is looking for partners under distribution services agreement

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Local partners and system cooperations are sought for innovative system hotels with overnight accommodation facilities and smart micro-mobility along the bicycle and water routes between Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö and Szczecin incl. the Baltic Sea coast and islands of the region. German start-up is looking for cooperation under distribution services agreement.



The German start-up from Berlin area developed an innovative accommodation system and smart mobility solutions that can be integrated into specific tourist regions or along bicycle or water routes.

The sustainable offer basically consists of:
- special overnight bungalows of the company placed every 20-30 km and
- a particularly user-friendly booking platform (online self-service travel agency), which enables bookings of active trips for individuals, numerous family offers and group trips with individually selectable packages and dates. All this completely free of a minimum number of participants, minimum quotas for luggage transport, fixed dates or similar.

In this way, the system creates new regional vacation and recreation areas close to metropolitan regions. The focus here is on good accessibility by public transport, supplemented by a smart micro-mobility fleet on site.

From a social perspective, the start-up aims to offer locally attractive active holidays to average and low-income earners, families with children and single parents, who make up a large part of our society and who, to date, could only afford the cheapest package flights. Through the innovative and flexible accommodation system, everyone can afford bungalows, sailboats and bicycles in their region.

The first system offer is created under the brand "system name Berlin-Baltic-Copenhagen Hotel" on the following routes and areas:

- Berlin-Usedom cycle and waterway
- Niederoderbruch and Szczecin Lagoon
- Baltic Sea coast between Szczecin and Rostock
- Islands of Rügen and Usedom
- Berlin Copenhagen Cycle Route
- Coastal region and Danish islands incl. around and in the cities of Copenhagen, Malmö and Ystad

The start-up is looking for distribution partners for close cooperation, e.g. existing small properties and houses with possibilities of touristic use.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
In years of development and preliminary work, the start-up has developed sustainable objects specially adapted for the system, including a serial, low-cost production. The bungalows and houses, which are built quickly, neighborhood and environmentally friendly, do not require a foundation and can therefore be dismantled at a later date if necessary and desired. The site can then be used for other purposes. The bungalows are low-energy objects and are powered mainly by solar technology. They incorporate patented innovations that give a certain advantage over the competition. The micro-mobility solutions, some of which are also patented, also contribute to the user-friendliness of the system. In particular, they allow a great simplification and facilitation of luggage transport, which can now be carried out by the guests themselves.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
The start-up acts as an umbrella organization and takes over the following tasks: - Installation and financing of the bungalows incl. maintenance service - Installation and financing of the mobility fleet of the system incl. maintenance service - Marketing of the offers under the umbrella brand The local partner takes over the following tasks: - Management of the housekeeping of the properties

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Available for demonstration

Partner sought

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Local partners sought that come from the following or similar sectors and have the availability and space for hosting 2-3 bungalows: - Hotels, resorts, camping - Agrotourism (farms) - Amusement or recreational facilities - Restaurants Distribution partners should be able to offer the following services: - Disposition of the infrastructure and its maintenance - Cleaning of the accommodations - Breakfast and other food offer or proximity to such - Organization and offer of leisure activities The objects themselves become the property of the local partner after 8-10 years of cooperation as a loyalty bonus. The start-up is also looking for national partners to establish joint venture companies for the purpose of organizing and marketing the system.

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SME <10


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Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden