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German supplier of textiles (bed linen, tablecloths, towels, etc.) made from organic cotton is looking for distribution services agreements and is offering services agreements

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A German company is a service provider and supplier of textiles (bed linen, tablecloths, towels etc. made from organic cotton, normal cotton or mixed cotton/polyester) for the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Catering) and healthcare sectors, laundry centers etc. It is looking for distribution services agreements with partners having good connections to purchasers in these sectors. It is also offering services agreements to companies looking for custom-made textiles made from organic cotton.



The German small enterprise is a subsidiary of a larger Dutch company which started trading with textiles in 1986.
They are service provider and supplier of textiles such as bed linen, tablecloths, towels which can be processed industrially for use in hotels, the hospitality sector and healthcare.
The products are made from 100% cotton or mixed cotton/polyester.
Besides, the company has launched a sustainable line of textiles made from organic and Fairtrade certified long staple cotton.

The product range includes:
- An exhaustive organic line of textiles for the HoReCa segment: a sustainable range of products offering long-life textiles combined with a commitment to a better future
- Bed linen and bed sheets made from 100% cotton or mixed cotton/polyester
- Jersey sheets
- Terry towels, bath mats and bathrobes
- Table linen and kitchen towels

The ecologically and ethically responsible company is particularly committed to sustainable production to protect people and the environment. This is also reflected in the company's membership in numerous organisations. It has signed the UN Global Compact and obtained Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fairtrade certification.
The company has published a sustainability report in accordance with ISO 26000 and reports on its activities.
The partners involved in the production of the sustainable range of linen have also gained GOTS and Fairtrade certification.
Incidentally, the company is a founding member of the MaxTex association which is committed to promoting sustainable textile production at the economic and business level.

The company is looking for distribution services agreements with partners in different countries of the world.
It is also offering services agreements to companies looking for customised solutions for their textiles used e.g. in the HoReCa and healthcare sectors.
It expects from the cooperation to open up new markets, increase the awareness level of the products and services in the world and strengthen its position in existing markets.

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Quality and environment; Sustainability; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Supply chain transparency; Code of conduct; Anti-corruption; Producer Textile labels are values the company highly shares. The company sources the cotton directly from farmers and cooperates with 60 villages in India. They respect human rights, environmental protection and health to ensure that everyone benefits from equal rights. They abide by international laws and rules as they consider fairness to be of elementary importance. They stand for sustainability as the future calls for great responsibility. They work with their customers and producers hand in hand, as they are convinced that it is only through partnerships that they can achieve the results that they are striving for. Their experienced team of experts is personally available to their customers as they are fully aware of what textile service requires. Some awards at a glance: - ISO-certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - Usage of organic fair-trade cotton: 2017 – The company ranks 4th worldwide - Steep career with recycled polyester: 2017 – The company has been awarded 7th place worldwide

Partner sought

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The sought partners can be direct sales partners or distributions centers willing to promote and find clients for the textiles. They are also expected to promote the services offered by the German firm to companies needing customised solutions for their special needs. The sought partners are expected to have good connections to the HoReCa and/or healthcare sectors as well as laundry centres in their regions. They could also be business people in the above sectors themselves willing to order customised products. They are expected to be reliable and willing to cooperate in the long term.


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Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Ukraine