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A global B2B e-marketplace platform from Turkey is looking for chambers of commerce, exporters' unions or business councils under the outsourcing agreement

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A Turkish company that is located in Izmir has a global B2B e-marketplace. This place aims to bring importers and exporters together in the same platform. The member companies present their products or post request for quotation in the platform, so that they may find required products or suppliers easily. The Turkish company is looking for partners/chambers of commerce, exporters' unions, business councils, etc. under the outsourcing agreement.



A Turkish company that has a partner with a public establishment is managing a global B2B e-marketplace. This place allows buyers and sellers to trade internationally. The registered companies in the platform can present their own products or request for quotation. Therefore, they may find required products or suppliers in the platform.

All sector companies can benefit from this and contact other companies. There is no limit in this point. Registration and using is free with all membership packages for foreign companies. (normally these packages are not free for Turkish companies)

The Turkish company is looking for chambers/similar establishments and willing to make an outsourcing agreement/protocol with them. After this, the company is asking these partners to announce the mentioned platform to their own registered member companies. In this point, there is a win-win situation. Because the companies that are members of chambers can increase international performance and can get more competitive position in market via this platform. (After the partnering agreement (outsourcing agreement) the presentations can be made in their region by Turkish company.)

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The mentioned E-Marketplace provides; • Content prepared with multi-language support is used. • Product introductions are enriched with video, picture and voice. • With cloud technology positioned on target markets, it provides faster and easier access to the platform. • Around the world, products are easily found, helping to gain new customers. • The formation of healthy communication is ensured using integrated communication tools. • Artificial Intelligence with the improved search engine, accurate and fast access to product content is provided. • All products are defined in thousands of categories with hundreds of thousands of parameters. All products can be easily found by filtering, depending on each sector and product specification. • By using correspondence texts prepared in the target market language, an institutional and understandable communication is established via e-mail and fax. • All requests from the E-marketplace are separated by the artificial intelligence system and transmitted to the right persons via fax, SMS, e-mail. In this way, opportunities are evaluated on time, allowing for quick bidding. • Reaching customers in the current database, creating international buying and selling advertisements, bidding/answering options and providing a wide range of services.

Partner sought

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The potantial partner should be chambers of commerce, exporters' unions, business councils, etc. This platform should be promoted to the member companies by the partners. Within that period, long term cooperation is prefered and aimed by the Turkish companies. Desired cooperation type is outsourcing agreement.