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Greek agrofood cooperative company is looking for distributors in Europe

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Greek cooperative company, located in Northern Greece, producing and processing fruits and food products such as asparagus, kiwis, olive oil, olives and Mediterranean legumes,well established in the Greek market, is looking for distributors in order to sign a long term distribution services agreement with goal to expand in new markets in Europe.



The Greek company is a farmers' cooperative and was founded in 1927. Since then it supports, the producers/members of the company, in collecting, preserving, storing and selling their agricultural products. The types of activities that the cooperative is undertaking are industrial and commercial. At the same time the company offers consultation services supporting the farmers in the region of Kavala, Nestos and the Island of Thassos, Greece.
The industrial activities include: processing and preserving of asparagus and kiwis, processing and standardizing of Thassos olives (type throumpa), standardizing olive oil and legumes, desiccating and storage spaces for cereals, production of fodder mixtures and finally processing and standardizing of green and black olives. All of the above mentioned activities are hosted in three different factories, two of them located in the industrial district of Kavala and one in Thassos Island, Greece.
The commercial activities of the cooperative involve: the collection and trading of cereals, corn and other agricultural products, trading and distribution of basic alimentation products, trading and distribution of farming machines, pesticides, fertilizers and seeds.
The consulting activities of the cooperative are merely addressed to the farmers who are members of the company in order to support them during the production process and in order to facilitate them to distribute their products.
The company is interested to sign a long-term distribution services agreement with a distributor who has proven experience in distributing food and fruit products. The prior experience of the agent in olive oil or olives trade would be appreciated due to the specific market demands that those products usually have.

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The main advantage of the company is the capability to supply big amounts of products due to the vast number of member-farmers working with the cooperative. The company is trustworthy and punctual in the delivery times of its products since it hosts most of the production in its own storage facilities minimizing in this way the response time. Moreover, all the products are complied with the European quality standards ISO 9002:2000 and can be safely stored and transferred. Additionally the company's kiwis and asparagus, cultivated and grown in the area of Chryssoupolis, are well known all over the world for their good quality and exceptional taste.

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The company is willing to sign a long-term distribution services agreement with a distributor that has a proven experience in representing Greek agricultural products in European countries. The already established clientele network of the distributor in the European market and proven collaboration with trustworthy European companies will be highly appreciated.

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