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A Greek company that cultivates pomegranate trees and produces 100% organic pomegranate juice is looking for distributors or agents.

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A Greek family-owned company located in Karditsa, Central Greece, is engaged with the organic cultivation of pomegranate trees and the production of 100% natural pomegranate juice, since 2015. The company is interested in expanding its sales to foreign markets through collaborations in terms of distribution services or commercial agency agreements.



The Greek company founded in 2012 in the broader area of Karditsa in Central Greece (region Thessaly) is specialized in the cultivation of 2.000 pomegranate trees and since 2015 started the production of fresh 100% organic pomegranate juice.
The production of the juice is made within the company’s premises, in a short distance from the field, according to the HACCP certification standards, using only 1st Class pomegranates coming from company's cultivation, and from a few other collaborating cultivators that operate under the company’s supervision.
The juice is obtained by compressing the arils inside the pomegranate fruits, without being extracted, and is placed in the freezer within 10 minutes.
The product undergoes no thermal pasteurization treatment and is free from any preservatives, sugar, coloring additives or diluting means. As a result, the juice after defrosting, preserves its freshly taste and all its rejuvenating qualities, precious nutrients and antioxidants. Besides the laboratory measurements have shown that the most essential and sensitive vitamin C included in the juice, remains unchanged after even one (1) year in the freezer.
The product is offered in 1000ml, 500ml and 250ml plastic containers, in limited quantities.
The company wishes to enter foreign markets and is looking for distributors or commercial agents with an established network in the organic products market.

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-The juice is produced from exclusively organic cultivated pomegranate fruits that come from trees located in the company's property and are not being sold as whole fruits. That implies that they use all the premium quality fruits, unlike other large juice companies which use the 3rd class fruits that remain after selling their best quality fruits. -The vertical integration of the company’s functions and the proximity of the processing premises, allows them to process the fruits while being fresh, and freeze the juice within 10 minutes, generating exquisite taste and premium level of nutritional value. -The production and bottling plant are certified and checked daily for the quality of the products.

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Already on the market

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The ideal partner should have network in organic and vegan markets, groceries, and food shops. Cooperation is envisaged under a commercial agency or a distribution service agreement.

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SME <10