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Greek company, producer of handmade mattresses, is looking for distributors in Italy, Germany and Bulgaria

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A Greek company is a modern factory producing handmade mattresses. The company produces mattresses for infants, teens and adults, as well as exclusive personalized mattresses. The company has an important market share in the national market and is now considering entering new foreign markets thus looking for a distributor to sign a long-term distribution agreement in Italy, Germany and Bulgaria.



The company is a handmade mattresses production company which was founded in 1975 in Kavala, Greece. It is housed in privately owned facilities of a total area of 2,500m2, in Kavala. Its products are certified by the international high quality ISO 9001 system as well as the European Union eco-label QMSCERT (Cert. No. 141008/1511).Its clientele includes individuals, as well as tourism and hospitality businesses, on a national and international scale, offering a specific range of products along with exclusive products fabricated to meet the demands of each company.
The philosophy of the company, in the fabrication of its products, combines the two main factors of scientific research data and the art of personal care and creativity. And these are the two factors that ensure the unique quality that makes their products stand out not only from massive automated production but also from competition.
The company takes care of the selection of the best, certified and eco-friendly materials making their handmade mattresses an excellent measure of the strength and proper body support, comfort sleeping, maintaining ventilation, temperature and humidity parameters at the ideal level for personal hygiene, but also for the long durability of the product.
The orthopedic layout of the mattress, the washable exterior ecological cover and the refreshing properties of the 100% natural latex, are the unique features of the exclusive mattresses that the company produces.
One of the common features of all mattresses, is the special interlayer of 100% natural sterile horsehair. The unique properties of this material are summarized in the capability to capture the moisture of the mattress, allowing unimpeded natural airflow to better ventilate the materials, while at the same time maintaining the constant temperature for a healthy and enjoyable sleep.
In addition, the self-sustaining spring support system, combined with 100% natural latex, allows the mattress to support the body by taking its form and splitting the pressure horizontally at the appropriate points. Here, the use of natural and sterile horsehair is the regulatory agent temperature and humidity of the mattress ensuring the ideal sleep hygiene.
The company, in addition to the mattresses, produces toppers, pillows and orthopedic frames.
The company, aware of the high quality and the increased demand for its products from foreign countries, especially from touristic companies willing to provide a unique sleeping experience, is looking for new partners, such as distributors focused on the textile or touristic sector to conclude long term distribution services agreement. The distributors should have knowledge of the countries' demand on such products and should facilitate the company to reach new markets.

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The strengths of the company are considered, beyond the high quality of the products, the fast response time which is achieved through the flexibility and the vertical integration of production. The innovative materials which are used in the production process, such as the horsehair and the natural latex, along with the innovative ventilation system give to the products their unique characteristics. All the mattresses have zippers in order to facilitate the verification of the quality and the authenticity of the materials which are used. The company can create unique products, on demand, especially for hotels and accommodation facilities, without any restrictions, so that the requested products fit perfectly with the philosophy of each facility.

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The company is willing to sign a long term distribution services agreement. The distributors should have knowledge of the countries' demand on such products especially in companies of the touristic sector. In addition the distributor should facilitate the company to reach new markets and expand its clientele.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Bulgaria, Germany, Italy