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Greek company specialised in the production of luxury herbal teas using organic, adaptogenic herbs seeks distributors in Europe

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A Greek company specialised in the production of luxury organic teas with medicinal properties offering 8 different blends seeks partners for the distribution of their products in the European Union and third countries through distribution services agreements.



The Greek company specialises in the production of medicinal herbal teas and is based midway on the Greek mainland.
The company has introduced :
- an alternative way of tea preparation by replacing the usual cord, attached to the tea bag, with a herbal branch. This offers a unique interaction and multi-sensory experience, since the branch can be used for stirring the mix while adding flavor to the final result.
- all blends contain organic Adaptogenic herbs: the health benefits from these herbs increase as the consumption becomes more regular, fostering consumer loyalty.
The 8 herbal blends offered are namely: Defence, Detox, Digestion, Energy, Harmony, Love, Night Cup, and Silhouette.
Although herbal Medicine principles have been implemented in order to ensure beneficial effects on health, the products are not identified as pharmaceuticals.
The products are already in the market and through selective distribution they are sold at premium points of sale (5 star hotels, premium/organic cafes and restaurants, organic stores, delis, pharmacies, gift shops) and geographically in prestigious travel destinations, such as Mykonos and Santorini (Greece).
The company seeks other such collaborators, primarily from the EU member states but also from third countries for a wider distribution of their products through a distribution services agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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- Products have been developed following research conducted by a medicinal herbalist; - Use of high quality organic and adaptogenic herbs that promote equilibrium, health and well-being; - Enhanced multi-sensory experience: the widely used string attached to the tea bag has been replaced by the stem of the classic Greek ‘mountain tea’ of Mount Olympus; - These novel products come in a premium, well-designed packaging.

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Already on the market

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Distributor/retailer, luxury hotels, premium/organic cafes and restaurants, organic stores, delis, pharmacies, gift shops are sought to include the company's products in their range of health drinks.

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