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A Greek developer of a new medical ecosystem that facilitates added-value services requests a joint venture agreement with UK partners.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Medical/health software
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A company based in Greece has developed an innovative medical ecosystem that supports collaboration, better decision-making, the provision of added-value services and easier access to medical discoveries through rich data, research and education. The ecosystem was successfully launched recently in the Greek market and in 7 other countries as a freemium service with > 3400 users engaged. The company seeks UK-based firms to jointly launch the platform in the UK under a joint venture agreement.



Digital technologies can help structure new care delivery models, where healthcare stakeholders — providers, governments, payers, consumers, and other companies — can build a sustainable foundation for affordable, accessible, high-quality health care. These new models should aim for overall health management and collaboration among different stakeholders in the connected ecosystem for precision in diagnosis and medication delivery and for an improved patient experience. The medical ecosystem aligns different vendors and domains and provides digital technologies and services to support medical and clinically related activities within the healthcare continuum, right at the Point of Care, where patients and healthcare professionals interact. In the medical ecosystem, digital technologies coexist with information sharing, social networks and AI so that better care can be delivered to more people, in an efficient and timely manner.

In a freemium ecosystem, where social forces enable multiple-level interaction among different types of collaborators, practical digital tools for healthcare professionals (e.g. posting video cases, 2nd opinion analysis tools, image transfer, viewing tools, e-consultation, etc.) support medical services at reduced costs and time. Within the last 3 months of operation a significant number of end users (healthcare professionals and citizens) have registered for, and are using, the ecosystem. Currently, there is no single organization functioning as a complete healthcare ecosystem, providing digital healthcare services. There are over 50 organizations / businesses (traditional health-related scientific and social networks and systems) with annual revenues >$2m, whose services vary among directories, social networks, scientific indexes and healthcare medical plans. An opportunity has been identified for such an ecosystem in the UK market. The Greek company is seeking established partners in the UK’s healthcare sector that could adapt the medical ecosystem to the UK market through a joint venture agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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Advantageous features: * Instant asynchronous and synchronous real-time communication among healthcare professionals and users * Self-editing presentation of scientific work in audio-visual format * Intelligent search engine, in a large database with all sorts of data formats * Internal, secure and safe personal mail system * Web-based DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) * Automated 2nd Opinion Diagnosis * Freemium model, enabling the engagement of multiple networks and groups.

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Organisations in the healthcare sector who could benefit from the ecosystem and operate within it, such as clinics, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare related companies with existing distribution channels.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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Healthcare related firms / organizations such as (but not limited to) clinics, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, with existing distribution channels / customers are sought in order to adopt the medical ecosystem in the UK market through a joint venture agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250,>500


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United Kingdom