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Greek manufacturer of hand-made jams, juices and fruit sweets in syrup is looking for glass bottles and jars manufacturers.

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A Greek family company, specialized in the hand-made production of jams, juices and fruit sweets in syrup is looking for manufacturers of glass bottles and jars for its products. The bottles should come in two sizes: 500ml and 1lt while the jars must be produced in a size between 300 and 400gr.



The company, established in 2014, manufactures jams, juices and fruit sweets in syrup from seasonal and all-year products and original mixes (blueberries, strawberries, orange and carrot, chestnut, quince, apple and vanilla etc).
All products are 100% hand made, natural with no preservatives. They are packed in glass jars and glass bottles in various sizes. The list of seasonal products varies and is available upon request.
Some of the company's products are:
Jams: blueberry, strawberry, cherry, sour cherry, apricot, fig & ginger, apple & cinnamon and many other flavors.
Fruit sweets in syrup: blueberry, sour cherry, chestnut, quince, "baby" eggplant, citron etc.
Juices: lemon and sour cherry.
The company is now searching for a manufacturer of glass jars (300-400 gr) and glass bottles (500ml and 1 lt) suitable for jams, juices, and preserves.

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Hand made products with a high percentage of fruit that is hand-processed (e.g. during peeling, cutting, chopping, de-stoning) and a low amount of sugar. Original mixes from various seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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Material: High quality Sizes: 500 ml and 1 lt for glass bottles and between 300 and 400 gr for glass jars. The manufacturer of the glass containers should have the required certifications for its products.

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Already on the market

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The Greek company is searching for a manufacturer/supplier who can offer high quality glass bottles (500ml and 1lt) and glass jars (between 300 and 400 gr) suitable for jams and juices. The potential partner should preferably be a well-established producer of glass containers for food, with a good reference portfolio to present to the Greek company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500