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Greek organic food producer is looking for cooperation under distribution, commercial agency or/and manufacturing agreement

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A Greek company cultivates organic superfoods (such as blueberry, goji berry and aronia berry), collects herbs and oregano, and produces organic and deli food products, such as pasta, spreads, and vermouths. The company is looking for cooperation partners under distribution and commercial agency agreements. The company is also ready to collaborate and to manufacture products under private label agreement.



A Greek company, established in 2003, cultivates superfoods such as blueberry, aronia berry and goji berry in the mountainous region of Karditsa, central part of Greece, at an altitude of 800 meters, above sea level.

Their production is of high nutritional value and is certified as 100% organic by TUV. It is promoted and sold in Greece, in food chains stores, selling organic products.

In 2016, the company following the current nutritional trends, decided to process the biological superfoods, cereals, vegetables and fruits they cultivate and produce final food products.

Their catalogue includes
• Organic pasta, containing vegetables and organic grains (cultivated by the company), without salt, eggs and milk, packed in paper-boxes, 6-pieces/box. The pieces can be of different weights, according to the number of persons in each family. They are ideal for those who want to improve their health by keeping a balanced diet and for vegetarians, as it does not contain any animal ingredients.

• Vermouths produced with the assistance of an expert winemaker. Some of the 15 flavors, are unique (walnut, tangerine, pomegranate, etc).

• A variety of excellent quality herbs, such as chamomile, dictamo, louisa, oregano and teas, due to the region’s unique microclimate, packed in an innovative, transparent packaging.

• Honey. The hives are placed in the fields where superfoods are cultivated.

• Balsam Oil (St. John’s wort oil). A natural product with antiseptic and therapeutic properties. It is produced from balsam herb mixed with extra biological virgin olive oil.

The company is already engaged in international cooperation.
They are interested to expand their international cooperation and introduce their products to new foreign markets through commercial agency or distribution service agreements with foreign agents or distributors of corresponding products. Ideally the partner should have an established network with organic and vegan markets, groceries, food shops and restaurants.

Moreover the company is available to be engaged in manufacturing agreements for the production of goods under private label. The potential partners could be food chains, wishing to expand their range of products.

Advantages & innovations

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The Greek company can offer the following advantages to a potential partner. • Certification of products as organic • Stable quality and prices • Traditional tastes in modern packaging. • Upon request all the products can be produced under a private label. • Capacity for considerably increased output. The company is committed in the manufacture of traditional food products following high quality standards, exploiting the qualitative comparative advantages of the mountainous Agrafa area, aiming to establish new suggestions about modern nutrition based on pure organic traditional local raw materials. The company can also contribute with knowledge and information related to the philosophy of natural living and how their products comply with it, in order to enhance the commercial negotiation advantage for their potential partner.

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Already on the market

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The partner sought can be a trading company (importer/distributor /wholesaler) in organic and/or vegan food sector. The ideal partner should have contacts in organic and vegan markets, groceries, food shops and restaurants. Cooperation is envisaged under a commercial agency or a distribution service agreement. The potential partner should be a reliable and trustworthy company with the intention of long-term cooperation. The company is also open for cooperation under private label manufacturing agreement. The potential partners could be wholesalers, food chains etc, wishing to expand their range of products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10