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A Greek private investment partnership specializing in growth or restructuring investments is offering funding for innovative industrial SMEs

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Hotels and resorts
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Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products


A Greek private investment partnership specialised in mergers and acquisitions is offering finance to invest in industrial companies. Companies within the sectors of tourism, energy, agro-food and manufacturing with a solid business plan and high growth rate are sought. The types of desired collaboration are financial agreement and/or joint venture agreement.



An Athens based mergers and acquisitions (M&A) investment boutique representing a US based family office for direct investments in Greece and Europe (mainly Central & Southeast Europe, Middle East & North Africa regions) is offering funding opportunities for companies.

The company is acting as investor and sources, analyses and develops opportunities for its family office investor clients. Their investors provide restructuring as well as growth capital to SMEs and projects of interest.

Generically, family offices provide “patient capital” to support long-term business plans. Their main advantage is flexibility and investment horizon. They are not obliged to exit investments after 4-5 years as private equity funds do. Of course, as family offices invest private money, they also require equity-like returns aligned to risk and development stage.

The Greek company is looking to provide funding for innovative companies active in the fields of agro-food (all stages including manufacturing, packaging, logistics), technology platforms (e-commerce, e-education etc.), manufacturing (capacity expansion, plant re-openings or turnarounds), tourism & hospitality (assets or platforms & providers) as well as waste management and renewable energy infrastructure (included ESCOs - Energy Service Companies).

The timetable of the investment process is approximately 10-12 weeks including due diligence, once a term sheet (non-binding Memorandum of Understanding) is reached. Tickets in the range of 5-20 million € are the main focus for Greece and regionally. Higher tickets are possible.

In addition to providing funding solutions, the company’s cross-border transaction expertise and regional market knowledge, enable them to support strategic investments of European SMEs seeking geographical expansion through acquisitions and joint ventures.

The Greek company is looking for direct investments (or similar financial agreements) in European companies fitting the above mentioned sector focus and investment criteria. Companies from Central and Eastern Europe and regional countries (eg. Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Egypt, Israel, Turkey) are preferable.

In this context, the Greek company is looking for innovative and ambitious SMEs with whom they shall work under a financial (investment) agreement. A joint venture investment with an established company expanding in a new market or region is also an eligible financial agreement structure.

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The potential partners should possess most of the following key characteristics: -Solid business model (right product positioning/ clear competitive advantages) -Well defined market focus with growth characteristics and barriers to entry. -Experienced management teams willing to cooperate and implement change -Prudent cash/ working capital management -Efficiency upside (energy cost or economies of scale in purchasing) -Regional expansion opportunities -Synergies with their investor pool

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Already on the market

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The ideal partner should be an industrial SME company mainly from Central & Southeast Europe, Middle East & North Africa regions active in the fields of agro-food, manufacturing, tourism or energy sectors with well define business and growth plans, however lacking the necessary resources and private capital to execute their plans. The partners should have proven product concept generating revenues higher than 500.000€, entering expansion phase. Also, mature companies seeking new market entry to expand are sought. The types of desired collaboration are financial agreement and/or joint venture agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250