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Greek producer of biological clover, hay and straw, is looking for commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

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A Greek farmer based in Central Greece since 2010, produces biological forage such as clover and hay for the feeding of horses, cattle and other livestock, as well as straw for bedding purposes of livestock. The producer is able to provide large quantities, in a wide variety of packaging which can meet all quality-quantity demands in competitive prices, in the frame of commercial or distributional agreements. The potential partner should have an established network in the animal feed market.



The Greek producer is offering top quality clover and hay (serving as forage for livestock), as well as straw (serving as bedding material for livestock) which are produced through biological cultivation in land stretches of Central Greece in the Region of Thessaly, since 2010.

The producer can provide certified clover, which can be delivered in large (250,300 or 400kg) square, round or small (25,28kg) conventional bales up to 30.000 pieces/per month, as well as barley or wheat straw which can be delivered in small(25kg) or large(300kg) square bales.The production is sun-dried after harvest.

The producer is capable of providing high quality standards of the product, in very competitive prices. The products are certified by the greek certification body COSMOSERT, an Organisation able to offer reliable inspection and certification services that ensure regulatory compliance and enhanced brand for the products.

Further certifications, nutritional measures analysis and moisture tests can be provided upon request in the frame of a commercial or distributional agreement.

The producer is looking for commercial agents or distributors with an established network that includes livestock breeding units or retailers of animal feed. The potential partner should be able to represent the company and proceed commercial agreements.

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The capability of the producer to deliver certified high-quality biological product, cultivated in local land, on the basis of its composition and microclimate, with the minimum possible external interventions. Furthermore, the capacity to offer the product in large amounts and to adjust the packaging according to the client's requirements in combination with the competitive pricing, provide good basis for a long-term beneficial agreement, with established and reliable commercial agents or distributors.

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Already on the market

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The producer is looking for a long-term agreement with established and reliable commercial agents or distributors in order to export his product in foreign markets. Type of the partner sought: business organisation; Role of the partner sought: To represent the company, promote its products, pursuit of clients and proceed commercial relations.

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