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Greek rehabilitation and recovery center seeks partners in Balkan countries, Cyprus and Russia interested in outsourcing agreement

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The company is a rehabilitation and recovery center, one of the most state-of-the-art clinics in Europe, located in the city of Kavala, in Northern Greece. It provides healthcare – hospitalization – rehabilitation – recovery services for both inpatients and outpatients. The company is interested to sign long term outsourcing agreements with companies from Balkan countries, Cyprus and Russia.



The company is a rehabilitation and recovery center which offers a wide range of outpatient programs and services to patients who do not require 24-hour medical care and hospitalization.
The center offers a variety of medical treatments such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, child treatment, psychological assistance, social worker services and training treatments using aerohydraulic resistance.
These programs provide treatment continuation and long-term follow-up for people with
•neurological conditions, such as strokes
•Parkinson’s disease
•multiple sclerosis
•postoperative conditions
•injuries of high-level athletes as well as prevention of certain injuries resulting from high training loads
•defects in the musculoskeletal system (fractures, strains, painful syndromes after intense activity or overload, sprains, dislocations)
•diseases of the central nervous system (craniocerebral injuries, cerebral palsy)
•health conditions of the respiratory and cardiovascular system (postoperative conditions, chronic respiratory diseases)
•heart conditions
Each medical case is assessed and treated individually, following a personalized program, always under the supervision, guidance, and coordination of the physiotherapists of the center.
Rehabilitation sessions begin upon arranging an initial meeting of the patient and his relatives with the physiotherapist, where an introductory discussion is conducted. Following the assessment of the patient’s condition and analysis of the available and suitable provided treatment plans, an individualized rehabilitation program is elaborated.
In an independent, specially designed environment of the center, is located the pediatric department, in order to cover the treatment needs of age groups ranging from the infancy and up to the teenage years.
Experienced therapists (occupational therapist, speech therapist, and physiotherapist) evaluate and design a personalized program for each child, selecting the appropriate techniques and material.
By applying a holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of children with motor and developmental difficulties, they respond to all the evolutionary needs of each child, covering the fields of psychomotor development, functionality, self-serving capabilities, speech and communication skills, cognitive and psycho-emotional empowerment, and strengthening their social and learning-school skills.
During their hospitalization, the patients have the opportunity to participate in creative groups, designed and led in order to help them socialize with people who share common problems, activate cognitive functions through various activities and positively reinforce their psychological state. During hospitalization, creative groups engaging on various different projects take place regularly, where the patients get to actively participate aiming at socialization, activation of cognitive functions and psychological empowerment. Lastly, a particularly important task that the social services assume, concerns informing the patient regarding the determined level of disability, and then about the related benefits, disability pensions or any other allowances to which the patient is entitled.
Each patient’s nutritional program is individual, depending on the particular nutritional needs, pathogenesis and dietary specificities. Indicatively, the center elaborates appropriately and cover the diet of patients presented with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, kidney failure, people with malnutrition problems, obesity, and patients requiring enteral and parenteral nutrition.
Although well established in Greece, the company knowing the high demand of high quality health services, is looking for foreign partners such as medical centers, hospitals, agencies specialized on health tourism, medical companies etc. which are interested to the provided services, in order to sign long term outsourcing agreement

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The company with its unique equipment, highly trained scientific personnel and five-star hotel infrastructure is able to fill the gap and raise the standards in the field of recovery \ rehabilitation in Greece. It will become the point of reference and attraction for those who suffer, not only in Southeastern Europe but also beyond its borders. The offer of high quality medical services with top and modern medical equipment, in combination with all the facilities provided from a five-star hotel and the competitive prices makes the Center unique and one of a kind in the region of Northern Greece and the Balkan countries. Another advantage of the company is that it offers the possibility of hospitalization and treatment to individuals without medical insurance capacity, as well as in cases where the condition is not covered by the insurance company. Moreover, the unique location of the center is suitable for individuals and companies interested in medical tourism services since the region is a popular touristic destination.

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The company is interested to sign long term services agreement with companies such as medical centers, hospitals, agencies specialized on health tourism, medical companies etc from Balkan countries, Cyprus and Russia which are interested to the provided services. The potential partner’s experience in working with similar Centers will be appreciated.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Serbia


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