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Greek SME active in the field of agro supplies is looking to develop beneficial microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, enzymes) production line under technical cooperation agreement.

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A Greek SME offers agricultural crops, pesticides, fertilizers and plant propagation materials. The company is willing to develop a new production line for its own products. These products will be beneficial microorganisms to be used for the dairy production, biogas plants, bio-drugs, bio-fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. The company needs the suitable know-how from companies or consultants able to transfer this expertise under technical cooperation agreement.



The Greek SME was founded in 1979 and dealing with the trading of agricultural crops, pesticides, fertilizers, products for the construction of greenhouses and plant propagation material to private and public organizations. Moreover, the company is active in the sale of oenological products (e.g wine bottles of glass, wine filters, plastic bottles, pesticides).

The company apart from these activities, is looking to produce its own new products. The company has the object to cultivate and propagate beneficial microorganisms with the aim to use them in the food industry, the recycling & energy production industry, the primary production, human health & nutrition.

In the food industry the beneficial microorganisms could be used in dairy production such as yogurt, cheese, etc. as yeasts. Αlso in wineries and breweries the produced fungi and bacteria would be used for the same purpose. Furthermore, these products would be used in wastewater and solid waste facilities to deconstruct organic residues and produce a useful and clean organic substance. Biogas plants would be able to use beneficial bacteria to deconstruct organic residues and produce biogas.

In the primary sector livestock units would use these products for the biologically vaccinated feed which helps the animals to show no diseases of the gastrointestinal system. Also, in the primary sector, the products would be used as bio-drugs and bio-fertilizers, i.e. beneficial bacteria and fungi that act against pathogens for bacteria plants. A type of "vaccination" plant similar to human vaccination.

Finally, in human health and nutrition would be used to produce enzymes useful for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for the production of beneficial for the nutrition bacteria (e.g. Lac. Bifidus in yogurt) that help in diseases of gastrointestinal system.

The company is looking to develop its own production unit for the aforementioned sectors. For this reason the company would like to find partners abroad that have already this expertise to transfer under technical cooperation agreement.

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Expertise in cultivation and propagation of beneficial microorganisms. The company has as its vision to provide modern and effective products in the field of Greek agriculture by creating innovative products.

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The company is looking for partnerships with companies or consultants able to provide the plan for the production line to cultivate and propagate beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, enzymes and yeasts that could be used in the dairy production, in wastewater (biogas plants), in bio-drugs and bio-fertilizers (primary sector) and in pharmaceuticals. Ideal partners would be companies or consultants in the sector of biotechnology that could help the Greek company to develop its own production unit under technical cooperation agreement. Preferred countries for cooperation: Denmark, Spain, France, India EoIs from other countries are also accepted.