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Greek SME company in the field of metals recycling and treatment is looking for new energy management systems for smelting aluminum for technical cooperation agreement

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A Greek based SME which produces aluminum from processing scrap is willing to satisfy increased international demand for its aluminum ingot products by increasing smelting production volumes and lower energy costs. For this purpose, the company is currently looking for new energy-efficient solutions for smelting aluminum. The type of partnership considered is the technical cooperation agreement with companies able to provide such solution.



The Greek SME is active in the field of metals recycling and scrap metal treatment. The Greek company is amongst the three largest recycling business in Attica region with a furnace facility for smelting. The company processes metal scrap and the main production activity is the aluminum smelting. The end products are aluminum alloys in ingots and other alloys of special metallic composition. The company is also engaged in commercial exploitation of dross and metallic by-products of it's main production activity. The company is trading scrap metals (i.e. reselling part of the materials, shredded scrap bought for its own production) and using them as raw materials for further processing. The company is performing vehicles recycling, being licensed for dismantling them in specific premises.

The company has the necessary production facilities and expertise to apply and test new processes in real conditions, as well as to test raw materials and finished goods with equipment such as fixed and mobile radiation detectors, alloy analyzers and spectrographs. The main production facilities of the company include a centrifugal grinding mill, a shredder-metal milling cutter and three aluminum smelting furnaces. The company has the capacity to process 36 tons of metal per day. The clients of the company are mainly international European ones.

The company is currently seeking to find new energy-efficient solutions for smelting aluminum in order to achieve higher output with lower consumption of energy. According to the firm’s strategy, the company is willing to increase smelting production volumes by achieving simultaneously efficient smelter operation.

The Greek company is looking for companies able to provide technical solution under technical cooperation agreement.

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The process activity of the company includes three production procedures: smelting (smelting capacity with two 12 hour shifts, 5 working days per week is 8,712 tons/year and can reach a maximum capicity of 9,900 tons/year with three 8 hours shifts covering 6 days per week), eldan-centrifugal grinding mill and shredder-metal milling cutter.

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The Greek company is looking for cooperation with companies that are able to provide new energy-efficient solutions for smelting aluminum. The collaboration sought is under technical cooperation agreement. The company is willing to increase its smelting production volumes by achieving, at the same time, lower consumption of energy during the smelting operation.

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