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A Greek SME in the 'Creative Industry' sector, specializing in design and creation of handmade small wooden items, jewellery and furniture, is looking for commercial agency and/or distribution services agreement.

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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Manufacture of jewellery and related articles


A Greek company specializing in design and creation of handmade wooden items, jewellery and furniture is looking for distributors or agents to promote their products to the global market. The items are handcrafted in Greece combining a unique sophisticated design with the use of alternative and natural materials.



The Greek company was established during the first months of 2017. Its philosophy is to create small items, jewellery and furniture, applying sophisticated design by using alternative and natural materials, which highlight the uniqueness of each product.
The main feature of its creations is the handmade feel that stands out on all the products.
Furthermore, only natural wood is chosen as main material. Natural wood is a very special material due to its unique grain that gives a ‘cozy’ and special touch to the products.
The inspiration source of the designers can be anything that happens around, as of natural landscapes, industrial zones and minimalistic-strict figures, modern art or classical masterpieces
of ancient Greek times.
The company, after establishing its brand in the internal market, wishes to collaborate with commercial agents and distributors in order to expand into the foreign markets.

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The main characteristics of the company is the pure handmade production and the natural materials they use for creating their products. The main advantage resulting from these two features is the uniqueness of the end product, in a time when everything is industrialized. In addition, the ability of the company to create without being highly dependent on automated machines, enables them to design more freely and deliver customized solutions when requested. The innovative way of processing those natural wood materials, allows them to create delicate objects, combining many types of wood within the construction of one single product.

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Already on the market

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The Greek company is interested in exploring cooperation with trade intermediaries such as distributors and commercial agents particularly based in Europe, with an existing network in the field of jewellery and handmade furniture. The firm is also interested in partnering with smaller enterprises interested to add the above products to their portfolio. The company expects to develop long term relationships with partners that are efficient, responsive and work with honesty and professionalism.


Wooden earings


Wooden jewelery with ancient Greek figures


Wooden bow ties


Wooden earings "natures elements"