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Greek SME offers an integrated smart water meter platform of advanced technology and water meters, looking for companies dealing with water networks for technical or commercial collaborations

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An experienced Greek IT company, dealing with telematics solutions, offers an integrated smart water platform. The platform includes a series of smart meters able to provide remotely information about consumption and damages. It also includes a software suite for the control of the water network. The company is looking for either water suppliers for technical collaboration or companies that provide equipment for commercial agreement.



A Greek SME is working in the ICT sector and especially in telematics. The company was established in 2002 with the aim of providing specialized advanced technology services both to private and public sectors. The company offers an integrated smart water meter platform. This platform consists of a range of smart water meters that allows the consumers and the water companies to measure easily and with precision the consumption, as well as to detect leakages. The offered meters are modular and flexible. The Greek company offers the option to provide a complete one-stop solution or choose the suitable components required by a specific water provider to cover its needs.
The company produces its own smart water meters and builds them in-house using its own production line. The meters using a range of narrowband technologies, including narrowband-IoT, 5G narrowband and LoRaWAN. These are technologies for wireless connections that allow communication at long distances combined with low-energy consumption. The selection of the specific mentioned technologies allow the user to connect remotely to the meter almost everywhere that the GSM network covers or even further. Each water meter is autonomous with its own, easily replaceable battery that is both cheap and lasts for years. The meter has the ability to measure the water usage locally via a traditional meter, or remotely from a control center. Some models also come equipped with a remote-controlled valve, to shut off water flow when there is an event of a leak or flood. The meters are tamper-proof and have automatic system alerts for a variety of events such as tampering, reverse water-flow, water quality out of acceptable limits, etc.
In addition to the hardware, the Greek company has also developed a complete software suite for receiving the information transmitted by the meters and interacting with them. This includes a web-based monitoring and control system through a web-browser, in a map capable of displaying different layers of information. Additionally, a smart city platform API's (the use of third party web services and sites as part of new application development) is available for integration into an existing smart city platform. This platform can be the one offered by the Greek company or another offered by a 3rd party. A mobile application is available for both the consumers (to monitor their own water usage), and the technicians of the water company. The control system provides alarm notifications for leakage, tampering, reverse flow events. Segmenting and grouping stations by region, supply pipeline and type is easy with this system. A mobile phone software (for Android) is available for inventory and maintenance of hydrometers with the following capabilities: recording of new water meters with geographic identification, photographing and reporting of observations, failure logging, automatically find the meter for maintenance via GPS, taking pictures and entering hydrometer status.
The consumer will be able to monitor, via an application on a computer or mobile phone, important information about their water consumption usage, consumption statistics, consumption history (maximum, minimum), leakage notification, possibility to manage the solenoid (shut off valve), display consumption graphs.
The Greek company is looking for companies dealing with the management of water networks for technical collaboration. Alternatively, companies procuring water networks with technological equipment for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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A system of smart meters has many advantages over the ordinary meters used. Such a system reduces the operational cost of monitoring since there is no need for persons to measure the consumption at the sites of the consumers. The innovation of the offered platform is the use of multiple technologies that allow the transmission of data over a long range. Another innovation of the platform is the easy prevention of flood and the detection of leakages in the network of the consumer. The water supply companies can experience the following advantages. No need for physical visit and typing of measurements. The companies are now able to send control commands, managing the shut off valve. Measurements that are more frequent are possible and the accuracy is higher. The company can decrease the estimates in accounts, re-checks or complaints. The company can also take advantage of the integrated sensors (pressure, pH etc.) for checking the quality of water and receive an immediate picture of interference or damage. There is the ability to analyze data in a Geographic Information System (GIS), and the ability to have group meters. Furthermore, the system can be standalone, or integrate with an existing smart city platform and gives the water meter the capability to provide up-to-date monitoring information to their customers, via the provided application (or a 3rd party app using APIs). The meter is a ruggedized item, in a sealed airtight box, complying with IP68 standards. Internal tamper sensor is installed. The battery gives long operational period (battery life spans 5-10 years depending on usage). The meter provides information about battery replacement, which is taking place without the need to open the meter. The meter can receive commands for shutting down in case of leakage or flooding. NFC technology allows the immediate identification of the meters. The meters are certified under the MID 2004/22/EC and both the EN 14154-1 (2005) and A2 (2011).

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The Greek company is looking for two types of partners. First, companies that managing the water network under technical collaboration. In this case, the Greek company will work along with the partner to install the technical equipment needed. The offered solution will be custom, according to the needs of the company and the available infrastructure. A second type of partner sought is for companies that deliver technical equipment to suppliers of water, under commercial agreement with technical assistance. In this case, the Greek company will provide any part of the platform, the meters required or the control suite and the partner could provide this equipment to the water suppliers.

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