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Green technology to collect and recycle vine shoots (branches) into winemaking accessories

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A French SME based in Burgundy has developed and patented a new technology and process to collect and transform vine shoots (branches) into biodegradable finished products used as winemaking accessories like vineyard posts. It is looking for partners in winemaking regions to develop new end-products (new bio-based fibers) under commercial agreement with technical assistance or manufacturing agreement or joint-venture.



Winemaking agriculture like other industries is now facing the need to reduce its environmental footprint. One of the issue is to favour the circular economy by adding value to by-products and limit wastes.

After harvesting, the vine branches (or vine shoots) are generally cut and burnt on site.
This French SME based in the middle of the famous Burgundy vineyards area has developed a new process and technology which allows to collect those vine shoots on site and then crush them into powder which mixed with other natural additives allows to make bio-based finished products. One of the first applications concerns vineyard posts which provide a typical case of circular economy recycling, replacing metal vineyard posts usually found in the market.

Other promising tests have been carried out to use vine branch powder for bio-based and biodegradable packaging.

The company is now looking for partners in other winemaking regions in Europe and beyond to transfer its know-how through commercial agreement with technical assistance and eventually to duplicate its business model through joint venture and/or develop other applications through manufacturing agreements.

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This process provides a circular economy added value to vine branches which are recycled into products which can be used in winemaking industry rather than being burnt on site Vine branches have a higher lignine level than other wood making it a better material for bio-based material applications. Besides, its sourcing is regular and sustainable in winemaking areas (annual vine pruning cycle). Vine branches fibers can easily replaced some plastic fibers with similar properties in terms of quality and price and a better homogeneity

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Type : industrial companies active in the field of Cellulose transformation looking for new fibers Packaging producers looking for bio-based technologies Recycling looking for new markets / business model Green chemicals looking for new fibers Role : 1° to adopt the technology under commercial agreeemnt with technical assistance or 2° to provide vine shoots as sourcing for transformation under manufacturing agreement or 3° to adapt the circular economy business model under joint venture

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500