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Off-grid autonomous and versatile station based on renewable energies for green mobility to recharge bicycles/motorcycles/cars or for use as power generator during ephemere events

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An innovative young French SME offers new generation of mobile power station runing with batteries powered by photovoltaic panels and hydrogen fuel cell. This station can be set up in less than a day in isolated areas (mountain, countryside) for example to daily recharge small vehicles or replace generators sets during exhibiting events... Partners willing to be equipped (municipalities, companies, event organisers, tourism offices) are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Founded in 2020, the French SME develops and manufactures new generation green electricity power station for recharging small vehicles in isolated areas or supply electricity during ephemere events instead of using generator sets. Indeed, the French engineering and services company designs sustainable ecosystems that produce electricity from renewable energies by relying on photovoltaic and hydrogen fuel cell. As such, the SME studies the societal and technological impacts of decarbonated mobility on a territory.

As the matter of fact, the SME offers an innovative off-grid power station, which provides technical solution to supply green electricity when access to network is difficult (for example in isolated tourism area) for recharging of small electric vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, cars...). The station can be implemented temporarily for an event or on a durable basis, it comes pre-assembled and has a very short setup and start-up time (less than one day).

This station is equiped with electric sockets for recharging vehicules or other use. Its batteries store green electricity coming from several photovoltaic panels on the top or from the fuel cell inside. Hydrogen canisters are cliped to run the fuel cell (see picture).

Size of the station:
-Footprint (m): 7.8 x 5.4
-Height (m): 3.2
-Size of back local (m): 2.4 x 1.25 x 2.3

Technical caracteristics of station:
-Nominal Power (W): 10,000
-Voltage (V): 42-59.9
-Intensity max (A): 200
-Power max (W): 10,000
-Daily use (h): 24
-Batteries Li-Ion (Wh): 50,000
-Fuel cell (W): 10,000
-Hydrogen tank (kg): 25
-PV surface (m²): 28
-Peak Power (Wc) of solar panels: 5,200
-Output 220v (W): 3 x 3,200
-Auxiliary output 12v (W): 75
-CAN Bus 2.0 B1

The station is equipped with Artificial Intelligence which automatically manages the two renewable sources to charge the batteries, preferably using photovoltaic panels when there is sufficient light or secondly using the fuel cell to delay the consumption of H2. Artificial intelligence also takes into account the average use of the station and the weather data. In the case of low ambient temperatures, the batteries can be warmed by heat from the fuel cell, allowing them to operate even in cold weather.

The French SME uses an online maintenance platform which constantly communicates with the stations implemented for data monitoring and analysis. In the event of a problem, the SME is alerted and can perform maintenance remotely. The hydrogen consumption of the fuel cell is also monitored via the platform. The SME makes interchangeable hydrogen filled canisters available to its partner. In addition, the SME is evaluating the possibility in the future of equipping the station also for the direct filling of hydrogen cars.

The partner could have various reasons of using this new generation of green power station for example to evaluate their local client needs in terms of electricity demand users in a specific area before investing heavily in new infrastructures or, to recharge daily their fleet of small electric vehicules in fairly isolated tourist areas or, to supply electricity during ephemere events.

The SME is looking for partner interested in implementing a station temporarily (rent) or permanently (purchase) under commercial agreement with technical assitance.

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The station is innovative because it is managed by artificial intelligence to provide users with electricity which is stored in its batteries from 2 possible sources of renewable energy. This station is green because its batteries are charged by: - or (and in priority thanks to the AI ​​which decides) photovoltaic panels (if sufficient light) - or the fuel cell which produces electricity from H2 (at night or in bad weather). As a bonus when it is cold, rather than the station being stopped because the cooled batteries would no longer work, the calories from the fuel cell heat the batteries ensuring continuous service of quality. The main advantages of the station are: -versatile and stand-alone for use off-grid in areas where access to the electricity grid is difficult or impossible -remote maintenance of the station via the platform -rapid implementation of station (less than one day) which limits costs, possibility of testing with this mobile station before investing in heavy fixed infrastructures -mobile (it can be moved quite easily) or can be dismantled (1 day maximum installation or removal).

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The partner could be a private or public organisation (company, municipality, event organiser, tourism office...) with needs to implement a station temporarily (rent) or permanently (purchase). The French company fits out a station, provide technical support and maintenance activities. In addition, the SME supplies the partner with filled H2 canisters to operate the fuel cell.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Autonomous and versatile off-grid green electric power station